The most expensive Monaco coins

2007 Monaco Grace Kelly €2 coin

The Euro coins of the Principality of Monaco are widely collected all around the world and some of the 2 Euro coins fetch extremely high values on the secondary market, up to 5,000 Euro.

In Monaco, the euro was introduced in 2002. However, the first sets of coins were minted as preparation in 2001. Hence, the first euro coins of Monaco were minted with the year 2001 instead of 2002.

Monégasque euro coins feature two separate designs for the first two series of coins, and also two separate designs for the €1 and €2 coins for the first series.

The first series of Monégasque euro coinage is between the period of 2001–2005. With the accession of Prince Albert II, new designs were warranted and these were issued in December 2006 and they are still in circulation.

The Principality often introduces limited mints which can be real treasures for coin collectors. Surprisingly these coins are in circulation, therefore one might find them in their pocket when they are shopping around in Monaco.

2007 Monaco Grace Kelly €2 coin
2007 Monaco Grace Kelly €2 coin Circulation: 20,001 units Estimated value: €4,750

All of the coins are inscribed with the word “Monaco” and the twelve stars of Europe. The Monégasque euro coins are minted by the Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint).

One of the rarest and most prestigious coins is the 2007 Monaco Grace Kelly 2 euro coin. The coin was minted to commemorate Monaco’s Princess Grace Kelly’s death 25th anniversary and it has a circulation of just 20,001 units.

The coin depicts the portrait of Princess Grace Kelly (1929-1982). At the bottom, there is a country of origin “Monaco”, while on the right side of the coin there is a year of origin, 2007. The outer layer of the coin represents the symbol of the European Union – 12 stars.

The 2015 Monaco First castle coin is also an amazing find and it can fetch similar value to the Grace Kelly one. It is currently the rarest commemorative 2-euro coin.

The obverse shows the first state of Monaco castle, the sea and the cave. The coin features the first Monaco Castle Building for its 800’s anniversary celebration.

A 2 Euro coin with the portrait of Prince Albert I of Monaco is also an interesting find. The coin commemorates the 100th anniversary of the death of Prince Albert I of Monaco.

During the commemorations at the beginning of 2022, Prince Albert II recalled the importance of the work of his predecessor, Prince Albert I, in the creation of the Principality in the 20th century. He also referred to the creation of the hospital, the port and the secondary school.

But there are plenty of interesting Monaco two Euro coins to discover.

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