How to Enrol Your Children into Nursery School

 January 09, 2019

Nursery schools (écoles maternelles) accept children who are too young for compulsory education. Children of three years of age and over, or children who have reached this  age during the first quarter of the school year, and children aged four to five, can attend nursery school. Nursery school is not compulsory. State education is free, […]

Maintenance and improvement work in the Principality’s schools and nurseries

 September 05, 2018

As it does every year, the Public Buildings Maintenance Office, in coordination with the Department of Education, Youth and Sport, has been undertaking repair, maintenance and improvement work in all of the Principality’s schools during the summer period. The Office has also been working with Monaco City Hall to carry out similar work in crèches. […]

Bullying in Schools – Breaking the Silence

 November 02, 2016

The Prince’s Government wished schools in the Principality to be fully associated with the “No to Bullying” day to be held on Thursday 3 November 2016, thereby demonstrating its commitment to combating this form of violence in the school environment – violence that is often invisible, but can have serious consequences. The aim of this […]

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