Russian Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev Accuses Sotheby’s of Price Inflation in a $380 Million Suit

 October 04, 2018

“Despite turning hefty profits on artworks, the Russian billionaire continues his international legal fight with dealer Yves Bouvier.” – reports artnet News. Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev has come out swinging—once again—in his years-long international art fight with dealer and former freeport owner Yves Bouvier. Now, he has Sotheby’s in his crosshairs. This past summer, Rybolovlev […]

US Prosecutors Drop Investigation Into Yves Bouvier After Collector Who Cried Foul Turned Massive Profit on ‘Salvator Mundi’

 May 31, 2018

“US investigators opened a fraud probe into the Swiss dealer, but dropped the case when his so-called victim reaped a $270 million reward.” – reports artnet News It’s hard to cry foul when you’ve just cashed in on a $450 million painting. That, apparently, is the lesson of an unusually timed—and flat-out unusual—story published by […]

The Rich Are Spending More Money on Art Than Wine for the First Time Nearly a Decade, Survey Says

 March 27, 2018

“But if you want to make money, you’re still better off buying cars and wine.” – says artnet News Last year, wealthy people spent more on art than wine for the first time in eight years, according to The Wealth Report, which tracks the spending habits of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (people with investable assets of at least […]

Christie’s Revenue Climbed to $6.6 Billion in 2017

 February 03, 2018

Riding High on Leonardo, Christie’s Revenue Climbed to $6.6 Billion in 2017—But Private Sales Plummeted – states artnet News Christie’s sales were up considerably in 2017, thanks in large part to Salvator Mundi, Asian buyers, and concentration at the top end of the market. But while total revenue hit $6.6 billion, a 21 percent increase compared […]

Sotheby’s dragged into £730million legal battle with Monaco resident billionaire

 January 14, 2018

One of Britain’s most famous auction houses could be pulled into a $1 billion legal battle between the Monaco resident Russian billionaire and a renowned art dealer. Dmitry Rybolovlev, a Russian businessman and owner of AS Monaco football club, is reportedly preparing to take Sotheby’s auction house to a British court to claim it helped […]

5 Reasons Why It’s So Weird That a Little-Known Saudi Prince Bought the ‘Salvator Mundi’

 December 06, 2017

artnet News break down the New York Times’s revelation about the buyer of the $450.3 million painting.. The moment that normally unflappable Christie’s auctioneer Jussi Pylkkanen slammed down his gavel on the Salvator Mundi, hammering the last available painting by Leonardo da Vinci for an earth-shattering record $450.3 million, a new parlor game instantly gripped […]

Will Salvator Mundi join the Mona Lisa? – Sacré bleu!

 December 02, 2017

Jean-Luc Martinez says he hopes to secure the work for a Leonardo exhibition next year. Is the Louvre Museum getting another world-class Leonardo da Vinci to hang alongside the Mona Lisa? If the museum’s director Jean-Luc Martinez has his way, it will—at least temporarily. Hyperallergic‘s Ben Sutton was the first to flag an interview between Martinez and […]

Sotheby’s and Yves Bouvier Hit Back Against ‘Salvator Mundi’ Seller Rybolovlev In Ongoing International Feud

 November 23, 2017

Sotheby’s has been dragged into the sprawling legal fight waged by the Russian billionaire. The Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev should be having a pretty good month. Last week, he turned a $270 million profit on Leonardo da Vinci‘s painting Salvator Mundi (c. 1500) in what is now the priciest art sale ever. But his victory lap may […]

Why Would Anyone Pay $450 Million for the ‘Salvator Mundi’? Because They’re Not Buying the Painting

 November 18, 2017

An attempt to psychoanalyze the buyer of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi.’ Every May and November, many around the art world wonder aloud—with varying degrees of frustration—why so much of the media fixates its auction coverage on star lots and gaudy prices. The 36-hour frenzy following Christie’s sale of Salvator Mundi (circa 1500), the so-called […]

The last known painting by Leonardo da Vinci just sold for $450.3 million

 November 15, 2017

The 500-year-old painting (owned by Monaco resident) is, by far, the most expensive work ever sold at auction. After weeks of anticipation, it finally happened: Leonardo da Vinci‘s Salvator Mundi (circa 1500), billed as the last known painting by the Renaissance master in private hands, sold at Christie’s for $450.3 million. It is, by far, the […]

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