‘By 2026 China will have the highest number of HNWI’s in the world’

 March 26, 2019

“Is your business ready?” – asks the Chinese and UHNW market expert André C Perry from Monaco Wealth Management. China’s ultra-rich continue to lead the rise in global wealth through their robust portfolios, despite a sluggish economy and monetary restrictions. A growing number of affluent Chinese are expected to send their assets overseas for better […]

Did you know that Prince Albert II has four children?

 November 24, 2018

Many people know that H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and his beloved wife H.S.H. Princess Charlene of Monaco are the proud parents of the Princely twins, H.S.H. Princess Gabriella Thérèse Marie and H.S.H. Prince Jacques Honoré Rainier. However, Prince Albert II already had two other children with two other women. Discover more super interesting […]

Congratulations to Sabine & Thierry!

 September 05, 2018

We would like to congratulate our friend Sabine Ferber to her wonderful wedding with Thierry Courant celebrated in Nice by the Mayor Monsieur Christian Estrosi. At beginning of ceremony the Mayor wanted to point out that it is a big honour for him to celebrate the wedding of Sabine & Thierry, in presence of the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, Albert […]

The Heritage of Monaco: Aviation in Monaco

 September 19, 2017

Few people know that Monaco is not just a pioneering region in the field of sustainability but it has always had a strong role in the innovation sector. It is widely known that Monaco was a pioneer in the history of the casino industry but it is much less known that Monaco was a key […]

The Heritage of Monaco: Safety and Family Values

 September 07, 2017

Amongst the most positive aspects of the Principality of Monaco is the care and the security that it offers for its residents. Monaco has the largest police force in the World per capita. Its security is among the main key factors for many people to move to Monaco. Not surprisingly, the Principality of Monaco also […]

Monaco delivers Europe’s most beautiful fairytales – Pt. II – Monaco’s own fairytale story

 July 02, 2016

Some press also stated that the Princess had tears in her eyes during the wedding because she felt the pressure. Quoted from the Living in Monaco book… The Principality of Monaco has also its own fairytale story when a Prince or a Princess chose a civilian to marry, showing that true love can be free. The truth […]

Everything about getting married in the Principality of Monaco – Pt I. – The Biggest Love Story

 July 01, 2016

The performance of priceless art transcendent value of the precious love. Quoted from the Living in Monaco book… Even if Monaco does not have the typical wedding tourism, its location provides exclusivity for the precious moment. It also has a special feeling by having the wedding in the same territory where Charlène Lynette Wittstock became the Princess […]

Monaco delivers Europe’s most beautiful fairytales – Pt. I – A Royal marriage is NOT easy / When Royal marry to civilians

 July 01, 2016

In most countries the royalties have no more political power, therefore the importance of marriage has shifted away from state interest to real values, such as love. Quoted from the Living in Monaco book… The life of an offset of a noble house was never easy. Few hundred years ago in the Royal houses marriage was considered […]

5th Wedding Anniversary – Be linked to Monaco for a lifetime

 June 27, 2016

The 5th Anniversary of the wedding of Prince Albert and Princess Charlène is coming in a few days (1st & 2nd July 2016) with a RARE opportunity to get closer to the Monaco Princely couple. The offer is below. In a few days (1st & 2nd July 2016) it will be the 5th Anniversary of […]

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