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Legal benefits to relocate in Monaco



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The Principality of Monaco has always maintained a strong legal system to protect its Monégasque people as well as its residents.

The Principality of Monaco has always maintained a strong legal system to protect its Monégasque people as well as its residents.

The accession of the Principality of Monaco as a member of the Council of Europe happened in 2004. It marked Monaco’s wish to ensure that the Monégasque law is compliant with the international standards of human rights and individual freedom. However at the same time Monaco successfully maintained the special characteristics of its own community.

When you relocate in the Principality it can be a very positive advantage for you that Monaco enjoys an extraordinary security. With its over five-hundred police officers in 2.02 km², Monaco has the largest police presence in the world on both a per-capita and per-area basis. First it might seem weird to see a police officer in almost every direction wherever your eyes look at, but it provides the great feeling of safety. In Germany when you need a police officer you call the central phone line and you have to wait until they send someone, while in Monaco they are there without hesitation if the situation requests it.

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You can also notice the police presence as well as the surveillance cameras in every corner of the streets. They all send a message that the security is under control, protecting you and your loved ones.

Obviously this protection is not limited to the criminal activities. The Principality offers all the human and technological resources for general surveillance of its territory to protect both objects and people at the same time.

The Principality of Monaco is very protective about its residents. For example without a police interview you can not even apply for a residence permit. This 365 days of protection in a year has developed a way of thinking as well, which is shared by many people from the past. This is the care and respect for others and other’s properties.

It is the same with the commercial ventures and business entities. Monaco carefully protects its circles and there are segments where money and wealth becomes secondary.

Even if you believe you can buy the rules by your incredibly wealth, you will face the cruel obstacle that you have to adopt and respect the rules of the Principality because it is a very protective environment.

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