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Annual corporate membership for the Monaco Wealth Management member base and business directory.

Annual corporate membership for the Monaco Wealth Management business directory and networking platform.

[ We bring together the RESIDENTS and trusted BUSINESSES. ]

Monaco Wealth Management has impeccable industry reputation as the only portal in Monaco focusing on residents. It offers a trusted business itinerary, 99% of the local businesses are registered. Local presence since 2010 with strong foundations in place.

Your branding advantages as a Corporate member:

  • 3 months long newsletter branding reaching out 9.000 residents in Monaco
  • 3 months long banner campaign
  • Quarterly PR article
  • Submit press releases for editorial purpose (Unlimited)
  • Publish your Monaco events to our members (Unlimited)
  • One of the biggest benefits of the MWM membership is the opportunity it provides to access people who live and work in the Principality of Monaco

Monaco Wealth Management Membership Analytics

In-depth financial and corporate performance analytics are available for our corporate members on selected companies.

Your further benefits as a Corporate member:

  • Detailed search in the Corporate database
  • Key corporate details for credibility check
  • Access to archive articles / corporate news
  • Access to Monaco’s Who’s Who directory
  • Access to Key Employee profiles
  • Monitor and receive alerts on Key People activities, role changes
  • Monitor and receive alerts on corporate activities, corporate news
  • Internal mail to Key People in Monaco (Maximum 250 per/year)
  • Internal messages to our members (Unlimited)

How corporates utilise MWM?

  • (Local) businesses: Business listing, Competitor analysis, Extended reach to the residents, Targeted and direct reach of their audience, etc.
  • Foreign brands: Brand awareness campaigns – PR articles, Banner campaigns, Newsletter appearance, Local events, etc.
  • Investment professionals: MWM features banks and wealth managers, Access to active investors, Investment submission, Deal club, etc.

MWM reference: Bradley Mitton - Club Vivanova


Annual corporate membership for the Monaco Wealth Management member and business directory, including 3 months of brand awareness campaign.

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