River of gold finding its way

 November 6, 2018



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Technique: Acrylic, oil, glitter on canvas
Dimensions: 100 cm (width) x 80 cm (height)
Artist: Dodo Newman

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The birth of new materials, like gold find their way through other heavy materials. It is the symbolical representation of how everything realised and created in our physical world comes from the non-material world.

Technique: Acrylic, oil, glitter on canvas
Dimensions: 100 cm (width) x 80 cm (height), stretched on wood / ready to hang
Artist: Dodo Newman

“River of gold finding its way” artwork by Dodo Newman

Art investment

In the Principality of Monaco the policy of supporting culture and creativity has been pursued both nationally and internationally.

Art has always represented a point of interest in the Principality. For example the excellences of the contemporary art are honoured every year by the Fondation Prince Pierre.

Having world-wide more than 400 000 art collectors with an estimated art asset of 1.5 trillion USD a great demand was created for innovation around art. Since 2007 the art is identified as one of the best performing asset in long term.

Fact: Now-days art is considered as a new type of asset class for over 40% of the asset managers.

The current economic instability highlights an increased need to consider investments which are able to show healthy return over a long term. Many smart investors realized that art is not just about the past, it is about the present as well. As you can find remarkable art pieces from the past, the same way you can discover new rising talents of the present, pieces from emerging artists, directly from the “Primary market”.

Fact: In the past 10 years contemporary art has outperformed equities, bonds, property, hedge funds, private equity.

The Monaco connection

Six years ago the Monaco Business Society, led by Ivor Alex invited the artist Dodo Newman to Monaco’s Residents Club, the Club Residents Etrangers Monaco (CREM). Since then she has inspired many residents, International University of Monaco (IUM) MBA students as well she has created several artworks for the Princely family. She was also the person who predicted already in 2013 the birth of the royal children, Princess Gabriella and Princess Jacques.

Our exclusive interview with Dodo Newman:

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