Administrative Assistance & Concierge Service

2.800,00  / month for 6 months

Thanks to 13 years of local experience, we offer Administrative Assistance for our valued subscribers.

Some of our services:

  • Monaco residence permit
  • Property research
  • Business formation
  • Monaco car license plate / Driver’s license
  • Enrolling your child to school
  • Insurance (Health & Assets)

Subscribers can enjoy the benefit of our 24 hours concierge support, offering you guidance and effective help through the administrative tasks. Our goal is to help you to maximise your potential in the Principality of Monaco, while you can enjoy a relax and well-integrated life.





Administrative assistance

Anyone new to the Principality of Monaco might need guidance to navigate through Monaco’s administrative challenges.

The team and partners of Monaco Wealth Management have a full overview about every aspects of your needs. We can point you to the right professionals in all areas, such as estate planning, enrolling your child(ren) to school, they can help you with transportation, insurance and advice you on the best way to integrate with ease into the local community.

You will also notice that multiple businesses in the Principality involved in the residency process such as banks, wealth managers, lawyers, notaries and real-estate agencies who offer advisory services, however, many have limited knowledge of the full relocation process. They often look for their  own financial interest first, rather than the full overall needs of the clients. Obviously the bank is more interested in the bank account than the schooling; and the school is more focused on the enrollment than the size of your apartment etc. For this reason, having an independent and unbiased advisor can help you to create a smooth and stress free integration.

Working with an independent administrative assistance company, you can also create a strong base for your future plans. Some business owners plan to have their Monaco residency at a later point; and many Monaco residents might incorporate later a company for business activities. It is good to be prepared and make steps that will fit the long-term goals.

Monaco Wealth Management can expedite and simplify the process because we are working closely with the right service providers to achieve your goals. Benefit from our experience, connection, in-depth knowledge and guided help to develop and integrate into the community.