Living in Monaco (2019, Signed – Collectors Edition)

 February 16, 2019



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A comprehensive, objective and brutally honest book about the Principality of Monaco and its living environment.

PRE-ORDER . Estimated delivery in May 2019.


Signed edition of the highly anticipated, updated edition of the successful Living in Monaco book.

The original Living in Monaco book was released in 2015, the new 2019 edition is a revised, and extended version.

Collectors Edition is a signed book by the author – dedicated to the name of the buyer.

Living in Monaco

Living in Monaco book by Zsolt Szemerszky

A comprehensive, objective and brutally honest book about the Principality of Monaco and its living environment. The author intended to hunt down the myth around Monaco and to go beyond gossips.

“…I really enjoyed reading this book and learning about Monaco from the author’s point of view. I now have a reference guide as one of the tools to help me plan our move to Monaco from the US…” – Read the full Amazon review

It is not a travel book, it is an ultimate guideline to those who are aiming to get a glimpse about the real Monaco and who have the desire to relocate their personal or business life to the Principality.

Traps, frauds, socialite games, benefits, advantages are all covered with tools to reach out the maximum potential in the shortest period of time.

Reading the “Living in Monaco” book you will face the really important questions, such as the required funds to relocate your family versus the small amount shortcuts toward your aims.

“…Good information that goes beyond what a travel book would...” – Read the full Amazon review

The author discloses some of his personal experiences regarding how you can relocate from 20 000 Euro, how can you receive a 10 Million Euro credit line without having any kind of assets or how people use the label “Monaco” to collect multi million Euro funds.

Through the previously untold stories the aim of present book is to raise attention to the most typical frauds and moral hazards usually committed by non-Monaco based gold diggers and fortune hunters.

Present book is also intended to support the local businesses by educating their prospective clients and to be your own practical guide, including all the main contacts you need to proceed further with the aims and goals you deserve.

“…Overall, the information is A++. I appreciated his candor when discussing the common scams in Monaco. Because of the country’s status, everyone wants to to be associated with it. But very few actually are, while most business people peddle their same “I’m from Monaco” speeches to entice and trap newbies. I learned a lot about doing my research in every aspect of Monaco because there are more crooks than I would have expected.

He covered absolutely everything and said it like he was talking to a friend…” – Read the full Amazon review

For those how intended to read the 2015 edition:

The biggest changes compare to the 2015 Edition:

  • Massive work and improvement on the spelling and grammar 🙂
  • Updated statistics, real-estate price indicators, etc…
  • New chapters, including super interesting facts about Monaco
  • In-depth information on the Monegasque national specialities, holidays, food, etc…
  • Extended information for new residents covering the administrational processes and the most important differences (For example the European Health Insurance card does not necessarily apply in Monaco)

Living in Monaco

Living in Monaco book by Zsolt Szemerszky


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