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 April 15, 2019



3.000,00 every 3 months

Increasing revenue for your event in Monaco

We partner with companies aiming to organise events, lectures, product and store launches and conferences in the Principality of Monaco.

By working with us we help you with guests selection, to create awareness, increase revenue and ensure you have the right strategy to maximise your success in Monaco.



Our experienced local team work closely with each of our clients to understand their unique needs and goals. They will customise a Monaco market specific brand awareness/strategy package that best fits your goals, targeted audience, time frame and budget.

In that case your campaign strategy requires the personal support of our senior executives, we are also able to connect you personally with the right trusted professionals and government officials in the Principality of Monaco in order to ensure your success.

Understanding the local, Monaco specific environment and with the effective use of our network, you can easily reduce your event sales cycles.

Events & Product launches:

  • Advice on date, location and event strategy
  • Ensure you meet all legal government regulations for your event
  • Advising on strategy/client experience (also specifically for Monaco residents)
  • Guest selection, invitation of high profile guests, including Government officials
  • Management of invitations, including drafting of invitations and contact details
  • Local assistant for the success of the venue
  • Organizing media attendance and press coverage
  • Event promotion in our regular newsletter
  • Full access to our corporate and private members database
  • Pre- and After-promotion

For further information please contact us at info@monacowealthmanagement.com.

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Event Partnership includes:

Monaco Know-How

  • Articles/Interviews/Case studies
  • Ask a question (Concierge)


  • Who’s Who in Monaco (Basic)
  • Monaco Business directory (Detailed)
  • Pre-Qualify and Follow people
  • List of Famous residents in Monaco
  • Access to the Global UHNW Business Club Members Directory


  • Pre-Qualify and Follow companies in Monaco
  • Access to key employees and decision makes


  • Branding know-how library
  • Recommended event locations
  • Event guests selection
  • Press releases (monthly)
  • 1 PR article
  • 3 months long banner campaign
  • 12 weeks long newsletter promotion
  • 1 after event article (success story)



  • Member discounts
  • Access to Members only, exclusive offers

For further information please contact us at info@monacowealthmanagement.com.

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More benefits

With the MonacoWealthManagement.com business directory, we hold the most complete collection of Monaco based and authorised companies, in which you can easily and discretely determine:

  • Business, contact and key employees information
  • Whether a company is authorised by the Monegasque Government

Having this crucial information can ensure you to execute effective marketing and brand awareness campaigns targeting your desired audience in the Principality of Monaco.

99% of the Monaco based businesses are covered, including all the major contact information, the list of company owners, decision makers and key employees allowing you to shorten your sales and communication cycles with effective and targeted approaches.

Our members are not limited to companies, we have over 9.000 Monaco residents registered as well as further people who are either working or in some other way interested/related to the Principality.

The MonacoWealthManagement.com business and member directory allows you to find what you are looking for and its Monaco residents based community helps you to engage in a highly effective way.

For further information please contact us at info@monacowealthmanagement.com.

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