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As part of the Public-Private Partnership against Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (AML/CFT-P) and the follow-up to the MONEYVAL report adopted on 8 December 2022 and published on 23 January 2023, the Government of Monaco is launching a national information campaign to improve and deepen contacts with all stakeholders on all AML/CFT-P related issues.

Every Tuesday from 10 to 11 a.m., starting on 7 February, a webinar will be held on subjects related to this fight by the competent Monegasque authorities and international experts.

These seminars, the schedule of which is given below, will be addressed alternately – every other week – to financial institutions (FIs) and then to designated non-financial businesses and professions (DNFBPs). They will be held mainly in English.

Outreach Campaign Agenda (13.76 kB)

The theme of the first seminar for FIs on 7 February at 10am and for EPNFDs on 14 February at 10am will be:

The FATF Process and the Role of Fis/DNFBPs –

The FATF Assessment Process and the Role of Fis/DNFBPs.

Mr Castellini, Government Councillor – Minister of Finance and Economy, will present this information campaign at the beginning of the seminar.

Different national authorities will intervene during the year to present the topic before the experts’ intervention. You can find the full programme of this information campaign attached.

The links below correspond to the IF and EPNFD meetings respectively. These links are permanent and should be kept or found on the SICCFIN website.

We stress the importance of a very active participation of reporting entities in these seminars. A certificate will be issued to reporting entities that will have participated in all 23 sessions scheduled between February and December 2023.

Link to the FIs Webinar (banks, management companies, insurance companies, money changers):

Link to EPNFD Webinar (other reporting entities)

Source: Government Portal

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