MOVEST – Invest in History and Growth

Movest investment

Invest in a carefully curated portfolio of monumental residential real estate with an estimated 8.3% annual return.

The MOVEST Bond Fund C.V. offers a secured investment return backed by monumental city properties in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Movest investment

Investors in this fund become indirect owners of a real estate portfolio, with a specific focus on historical properties designated for residential purposes. There are already eight buildings strategically located in urban areas, serving as guarantee for investors, and MOVEST also has the ambition to grow by expanding its portfolio.

The primary objective of the fund is to generate an estimated 8.3% annual return over 10 years, both through the appreciation of real estate value and rental income.

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An interesting aspect is that MOVEST offers investors the opportunity to convert their bonds into shares in MOVEST after a period of 7 to 10 years. This conversion option can be a strategic move for investors looking to benefit from the long-term growth potential of the fund.

The current real estate portfolio is already operationally managed, providing a clear overview and transparency of both the technical and financial situation. The purchase of the properties is done ‘TurnKey’ and in a rented state, resulting in immediate returns from day one. 

As a result, MOVEST distributes a 4% annual interest, payable quarterly, to the bondholders based on their initial investment.

Urban monumental real estate is highly sought after as a residential location, contributing to value appreciation. Upon the sale of the real estate, the bond is repaid, and additionally, 75% of the capital gain is distributed on top of the interest coupon.

The expected total return is estimated at 8.3%, based on 10 years. This mix, incorporating both immediate returns and potential value appreciation, presents an attractive outlook for investors.

Why invest in MOVEST?

MOVEST was founded by a highly experienced real estate and investment team with the aim of capitalising on the current market situation through the utilisation of expertise-based market knowledge. According to the founders, a unique and promising market mix has evolved.

Fluctuations in interest rates create uncertainty when investing in real estate based on leverage with bank financing. Additionally, changing regulations, particularly concerning residential real estate, bring about additional risks. MOVEST addresses this by offering a solution with a clear fund strategy, avoiding the use of bank financing. The combination of a lien on the rental income and a first mortgage right on all the properties creates a highly secure and low-risk investment for the bondholders.

Furthermore, a deliberate choice has been made for monumental real estate. This type of property often enjoys an exceptional status, resulting in regulations being applied in a slightly different and advantageous manner. Consequently, MOVEST invests in sustainable improvements like installation innovations, insulation and high-quality glazing. The MOVEST portfolio is a sustainable product that is minimally impacted by regulations.

In summary, the above factors make MOVEST a High Value/Low Risk fund.


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