Monaco Residents’ Meeting – Special Autumn Party with Astronauts

Monaco Residents’ Meeting at THE NIWAKI restaurant

The Autumn networking event of the Monaco Residents’ Meeting was special for multiple reasons. Thinking outside the box, we collaborated with the leading digital only media, NEWS.MC to create an unforgettable night for the invited 63 Monaco residents.

The Living in Monaco magazine focuses on some of the most inspiring stories and remarkable achievements of residents and Monégasque nationals. 

Monaco Residents’ Meeting at THE NIWAKI restaurant
Monaco Residents’ Meeting at THE NIWAKI restaurant

The local community is key for us, therefore, we were more than happy to bring these inspirational people together for this unique event, and to help them build and further strengthen invaluable relationships. However, this time we decided to also bring some inspiration to the Principality.

As an uplifting element of the evening, we invited multiple former astronauts, cosmonauts, future space travelers, and industry experts to share their unique views with our members. 

It was a rare opportunity to network and exchange thoughts and ideas with people who spent months in space and returned to Earth with completely different views on life and society. 

Monaco Residents’ Meeting at THE NIWAKI restaurant
Monaco Residents’ Meeting at THE NIWAKI restaurant

As for many astronauts, traveling to space and looking back from that vantage point is a transformational experience. It’s almost like a life-altering feeling when you see us as planetary, one united group of humans living on a planet that has no visible borders from that distance. By not seeing borders you replace your thoughts of politics and economics with the thoughts of unity and preservation of our home.

To keep the conversation flowing, we were honored to present Monaco’s very own champagne maker, Claudia Cherki, who offered a fantastic tasting experience of her Champagne Claudia Cherki to our members and guests. 

The visionary champagne lady, Claudia Cherki, is a role model for those who are not shy to follow their dreams. After many years of hard work and a vast family experience, she perfected a champagne that meets the highest standards. 

Claudia launched five different selections of Champagne with a Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, and others with mixed grape assemblages.

The Monaco Residents’ Meeting took place at THE NIWAKI Restaurant, offering Japanese food bites and live DJ music. 

Monaco Residents’ Meeting at THE NIWAKI restaurant
Monaco Residents’ Meeting at THE NIWAKI restaurant

THE NIWAKI is a chic yet cozy, contemporary yet traditional Japanese restaurant that promises to provide a one-of-a-kind memorable culinary experience! It is always a great choice as their team has put a lot of effort into creating a unique menu with various types of Japanese dishes, using different techniques of infusions and marinations. 

As a team, we are thankful to all those who made the evening so memorable. A special thank you goes to our co-organising partners, NEWS.MC, and the wonderful Claudia Cherki.

We are grateful for the opportunity to offer our residents a new and unique way of experiencing our networking events and are excited for the next, future events. 

Thank you to all who joined us to celebrate the power of the local community to share their life experiences.

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