Did you know that Monaco has a zero percent homeless rate?

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Statistics on the Principality’s national population below the poverty line is “NA [not-applicable]”, because there are none.

A country with the highest density of millionaires per capita has an impressive zero percent homeless rate.

One of the key factors to this is the fact that Monaco offers zero-per-cent income tax rate, resulting in one-in-three millionaires among its residents. 

The salaries in Monaco can be competitive, especially if there are more earners in one family. According to the World Salaries Report, a male employee working in Monaco will earn an average of 54,460 EUR, while female employees earn 48,940 EUR. This can range from the lowest average salary of about 17,100 EUR to the highest average salary of 214,000 EUR. The median salary is 50,980 EUR per year.

The Principality also has one police officer for every 100 residents and a 24-hour video-surveillance system spanning the entire city making it one of the safest places on Earth.

Living standards in Monaco are relatively high compared to any other part of the French Riviera. Even indecent clothing is prohibited, and penalty applies if someone walks shirtless to home from the beach.

Begging is non-existent and to maintain harmony for its residents the court system in Monaco almost always gives the maximum sentences possible.

To sum it up, the poverty rate in Monaco is 0.00%.

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