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Monaco Wealth Management is delighted to help you with various investment related topics.

The Principality of Monaco is an exclusive and unique place with many advantages for investors through its location, taxation, security, stability and also its high profile business community which provides exceptional reasons to invest into Monaco.

Tip: When a company is authorised to advise on various topics such as funding approach, valuation, break-even point, and the clarity of proposition – then you can be confident their investment offers are in a fit state to raise funds from private investors.

Monaco is a strong player in the wealth management industry and its local companies are one of the greatest competitors when it comes to credibility. However Monaco also offers great associations as well when you are aiming to invest. Through them you can reach incredibly wide range of portfolios combining the traditional investments with the new breed of investments.

What we do

  • We help you to achieve your highest ambitions in the Principality of Monaco.
  • We connect you with the right professionals based on your desire.
  • Monaco Wealth Management collects all the trusted banks, wealth manager companies and the professional lawyers and financial consultants into one virtual place.

What we do not do

  • We do not accept invest and/or deposit payments.
  • The Monaco Wealth Management portal do not offer professional advice either expressed or implied. You are encouraged to seek professional, legal or investment advice.

MWM Private membershipThere is also a possibility for our members to reach out each other. Our membership allows you to:

  • connect with people living or working in Monaco
  • see valuable business indicators for better decisions
  • reduce your sales cycles by reaching out to the right decision makers
  • define and get access to your desired target group
  • network with those who are actually relevant for your industry
  • get alerts of important personnel or corporate changes

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