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It’s operation makeover for the two official information sites, Public Service for Individuals and Public Service for Businesses, on the Monaco Government’s web portal ( Thanks to a collaborative effort involving all relevant government departments as part of the Extended Monaco programme, the operation was implemented with the stated aim of using the internet to narrow the gap between users and the Government.

This graphic, editorial and technical redesign makes it easier for individuals and businesses to access official information, simplifies searching and improves integration with Each site has now been specially crafted to best respond to the specific needs of individuals and business users.

For Monegasque nationals and residents, the site also includes an “Events in your life” section, which will offer users information on various aspects of life administration (Settling in Monaco, Expecting a baby, Moving house, etc.). The portal also connects the population more closely to Monaco’s government services through a new directory.

For business users, guided tours aimed specifically at business creators and managers have been added (Starting a business, Managing a business, etc.). They will also find an enhanced Diary section, directories, tools and simulators (online Trade and Industry Registry, electronic signature, trademarks and patents, VAT declarations, etc.).

Finally, these new sites enable the Government to better inform users about changes to administrative procedures via the new “Latest updates” section, which details recent developments. Newsletters will also be sent out frequently.

These new web spaces, renamed and, consolidate their role as a shop window for the services offered by the Monaco Government, which are accessible at all times via all media (mobile devices, tablets, computers).

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Source: Government Portal

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