What can be done about harassment and violence at work?

harassment at work

The Prince’s Government has published a legal and practical Guide to address harassment and violence at work.

This Guide has been put together by the Department of Employment and the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. It contains information relevant to various different roles (employer, adviser, employee or victim), so that each person can find the answer to the questions they are likely to be concerned about.

The Guide first aims to present the principal elements of Act No. 1.457 of 12 December 2017 relating to harassment and violence at work, which protects employees and trainees as well as civil servants and public officials against acts of psychological or sexual harassment, sexual blackmail and violence at work. The general purpose of this document is to help prevent and bring an end to this type of behaviour. In addition, it will shed light on some associated legislative and legal aspects.

The Guide is intended for employers and employees in the Principality, and has been issued to social partners for distribution to their members. The objective is for employers and employees to be able to use it as a reference tool.

Christophe ROBINO, Minister of Health and Social Affairs stated that ‘the fight against harassment and violence of every type is a major aspect of public policy in the Principality of Monaco. In the specific area of employment, this Guide will act as an additional instrument in helping achieve this objective.”

Download the Guide: Harcèlement et violences au travail (300.13 kB)

Source: Government Portal

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