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Oceanographic Museum of Monaco



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Lecture Hall: 264 people theater style/250 people sit-down dinner/500 people reception style.

Entrance Hall: 150 people reception style/60 people sit-down dinner.

Albert I Room and Whale Room combined: 400 people reception style.

Rooftop: 200 people reception style and sit- down dinner.

Aquarium: 600 people reception style.

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Photo: Oceanographic Museum of Monaco via PopSugar

Founded by Prince Albert I, the Oceanographic Museum is known for its prestigious setting, famous aquarium, historic collections, themed exhibitions, and Director Jacques Cousteau (from 1957 to 1988). A variety of venues and incentive activities are now available in the remodeled legendary museum. On the ground floor, the Lecture Hall, featuring grandiose proportions and rich classic furniture and décor, is available for seminars, presentations, gala dinners and cocktail receptions. This historic venue can accommodate 264 people in theater style, 250 for a sit-down dinner and 500 for a cocktail. Also located on the ground floor, the Entrance Hall, featuring two colossal staircases and an authentic mosaic floor, can accommodate 150 people for a cocktail and 60 for a sit-down dinner. On the second floor, the Albert I Room and the Whale Room host a permanent collection featuring archives, photographs, and giant skeletons. These two venues combined can accommodate 400 people for a cocktail reception.

The rooftop, offering breathtaking views of the coast line, can accommodate 200 people for a cocktail reception and sit-down dinner. On the lower level of the building, the world-renowned Aquarium gathers 400 fish species, 300 invertebrate species and 100 coral species. It also features the Shark Lagoon, a giant 20 feet deep shark tank with 12 inches thick glass windows. The Aquarium presents excellent opportunities to impress groups of up to 600 people for a cocktail reception. Interactive workshops can be organized for small groups to help raising awareness about the beauty and fragility of Mediterranean ecosystems. Exclusive “Behind-The-Scene” VIP tours can be organized for small groups. It consists of a captivating tour of the areas, usually closed to the public, reserved for quarantine, acclimation, treatment and breeding of species. The entire building can be privatized for groups up to 1,400 people!

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The Oceanographic Museum & Aquarium

The Oceanographic Museum & Aquarium

Photo: Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Photo: Oceanographic Museum of Monaco


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