Minister of State Pierre Dartout visits Orbital Solutions Monaco

Minister of State Pierre Dartout visits Orbital Solutions Monaco

At the invitation of Francesco Bongiovanni, founder and CEO of Orbital Solutions Monaco (OSM), Minister of State Pierre Dartout visited the premises of the start-up, which has been operating in the Principality for nearly four years.

Specialising in the NewSpace sector (“privatisation” of the market for access to space), the company, located in the heart of the Fontvieille industrial district, designs nanosatellites and plans their launch into low Earth orbit.

The first NewSpace laboratory in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, OSM is participating in the “democratisation” of the use of space and in the development of innovative applications in a range of sectors, such as environmental studies, Earth observation, etc.

The Monegasque company is a leader in EdTech and has developed the first aerospace curriculum in conjunction with lower secondary school pupils at Collège Charles III and Collège FANB. It is also working with upper secondary school pupils in Switzerland, who helped to assemble a nanosatellite which is scheduled to be launched in April.

Source: Government Portal

ELEVATE Monte-Carlo Space Conference

ELEVATE Monte-Carlo Space Conference 2023
ELEVATE Monte-Carlo Space Conference 2023

October 17-19, 2023; Grimaldi Forum

ELEVATE Monte-Carlo is the leading European Space event focusing education, technology and the environmental and social impact of human space exploration.

The 3-day conference will inspire the participants with amazing stories of spaceflights and spacewalks from former Astronauts’ journey beyond the edge of space, as well as the evolution of their perspective on humanity; to zoom out to a greater perspective where we can see one planet as one borderless spaceship, called planet Earth. This can foster collaborative environments where teammates can achieve their true potential.

With this perspective, the ELEVATE Space Conference encourages participants, businesses and professionals to view and live their lives as if they would be crew mates with others on a spaceship, respecting differences and enhancing collaboration through diversity. Every small step in our daily lives counts to create a more liveable and conscious planet.

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