4 Avenue de la Madone
Monte-Carlo, 98000 Monaco

Phone: +377 93 15 13 13

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Upon entering the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo, located at the heart of the Principality of Monaco, one will discover Yoshi, a contemporary vision of Japanese cuisine.

World renowned Chef Joël Robuchon named his restaurant Yoshi as this translates to „goodness“ in Japanese and the key to the success of Yoshi is the simplicity in the traditions of freshly prepared natural cuisine. Yoshi has been awarded a Michelin star and serves world-class Japanese specialities.

“Offering the exceptional in total simplicity is undoubtedly the most challenging task. In Monaco, we are fortunate to have a discerning clientele in search of natural simplicity, and Yoshi’s success results from the quest for naturalness.” – Joël Robuchon

The elegantly chic décor is designed by French interior architect Didier Gomez, and the ambience of the restaurant Yoshi blends the clarity of ebony, stone and silk with wonderful light in hues of green, white and ivory. The elegantly written menu is in perfect balance with the serene ambience.

Thanks to exterior landscaper Jacques Messin, the restaurant opens out to a Japanese-inspired garden.

When he envisioned Yoshi, Joël Robuchon asked Takéo Yamazaki to join as his Head Chef. Takéo Yamazaki is a brilliant Chef with a culinary flair that has been his passion since the age of fourteen. He mastered Japanese cuisine in Osaka, in his homeland Japan before he was selected to join a French cookery school.

During his culinary journey from Japan to Monaco, Takéo Yamazaki has remained passionate and humble and always offers a warm and smiling welcome to his guests at Yoshi. He has developed himself from the bottom of the business to the top, to the highest ranks of gastronomy.

Interestingly Takéo Yamazaki met Joël Robuchon in Tokyo and not in France or Monaco. A long-lasting professional relationship developed between the two men, which has led to the success of Yoshi since it opened in 2008. The restaurant is totally unique and was awarded a Michelin star in 2010.

Guests come to Yoshi from all around the world to taste Nippon cuisine with a hint of French inspiration, giving the menu simple flavours and fragrances that have been developed from far afield and are totally unique. Supreme artistry!

The restaurant is featured in the “Signature Dishes of the Principality of Monaco” book as one of Monaco’s most iconic places.


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