May 20, 2014

Never focus on the money, because the real power lies in the value, which is represented by your products or solutions. The PR, marketing and sales functions should never be mixed up. Although one does not exist without the other, it is necessary to separate them and to know which is responsible for what, what […]

Self Limitation

 May 14, 2014

Even in biology, a self-limiting organism limits its own growth by its actions. So it is the same with us humans that through our actions we limit our development, our increase, our growth. We all have the potential to reach more than we think and to reach any aim or any goal. The problem is […]

Creating value

 May 13, 2014

It is very important to remember that everyone can see the price of the product but not its value! We need to show and teach the value of the product in all cases. The Creating Business Value book published in 2011 was a game changer for Small and Medium businesses. The National Quality Prize Winner […]

Monte Carlo Woman of the Year awards 2014

 May 13, 2014

A woman who helped create a ministry for the protection of children’s rights in Turkey and the founder of Les Enfants des Franckie have both won the Woman of the Year Award as part of the Monte Carlo Prix, held this week in the Principality. Demet Sabanci Cetindogan is the international winner of the Prix […]

The Steve-Jobs-Story of Monte-Carlo

 May 12, 2014

If you visited this years’ (2014) Top Marques Monaco, then you probably stopped by the powerful ultra-luxury creations of Forza.G. Forza.G was born in a garage in Sanremo, as a passion to be nurtured during evenings and weekends spent seeking inspiration from old Cruiser and Indian frames. As time went by, founders Davide Grosso and […]

Spotted: New Black Koenigsegg Agera R in Monaco

 May 11, 2014

The Koenigsegg Agera R is ranked amongst the most brutal and fearsomely fast hypercars on the planet. The Swedish speed machine has been engineered to push the limits of what the industry had known when it was unveiled. A new example has been spotted in the Principality of Monaco where it sure takes a lot […]

NO EXCUSE (Pt. 3/11): Entrepreneur or Leader

 May 09, 2014

The definition of “lifestyle” business is when you are working hard, gaining the results that you want and providing a good environment for yourself. You get almost everything you want. Ergo you are able to create a nice lifestyle for yourself. Present article is a quotation from the NO EXCUSE! in business book. – “Do […]


 May 07, 2014

An excuse is worse than a mistake because it effects everything around us and drains down all possible solutions. There is always a way, a wrong way ahead is much better than a no way at all anywhere… Since we are talking about real life experiences it happens often that we find excuses for not […]

Defining the target group

 May 05, 2014

In addition to the entertainment  electronics, marketing is the world’s second fastest-growing business. It is especially interesting that 70% of people working in the marketing segment do not know what marketing is. The Creating Business Value book published in 2011 was a game changer for Small and Medium businesses. The National Quality Prize Winner Zsolt […]

NO EXCUSE (Pt. 2/11): Discovering the source

 May 02, 2014

You have the intent to buy, you have the money to own my product and the only thing missing is your confident that you want to sign the contract with me now. What is really a lot is the margin you loose by not handling these excuses and letting your prospective clients to go to […]

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