Monaco Players Report 2014 Q1

 April 07, 2014

We recently did a study of Monaco Leaders’ primary concerns in today’s business environment. The report also focuses on the performance indicators in the most important business sectors. The Monaco Players Report 2014 Q1 offers a Strong Value Position to understand the business forces and the way, when and how the Clients approaches the businesses. […]

Living with Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

 April 03, 2014

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” J.M. Barrie, from Peter Pan. There is no other story that captures the essence of what it means to stay young or grow up quite as well as Peter Pan. J.M. Barrie was one of those rare storytellers, who, just like Walt Disney, […]

Art investment 2014

 April 01, 2014

In the Principality of Monaco the policy of supporting the culture and the creativity has been pursued both nationally and internationally. Art always have long represented a point of interest in the Principality. Having world-wide more than 400 000 art collectors with and estimated art asset of 1.5 trillion USD a great demand was created […]

Are you an Angel?

 March 31, 2014

There is a very flowering type of investment in the Principality of Monaco, called Business Angel investment. We refer as “Business Angels” to private investors who are investing small capitals into early stage or startup companies. Usually the average equity investment is between 50 000 Euro and 500 000 Euro. In many cases Business Angels […]

Audio session: Complaining

 March 11, 2014

Audio session from the “NO EXCUSE! in business” session series by the author of the “Living in Monaco” book. Originally published: Monaco Experts Academy,

Business start-up competition launched

 February 14, 2014

For nearly 20 years now the JCEM (Jeune Chambre Economique de Monaco) has held an annual competition with a generous cash prize for the best business plan/start up in the Principality. Aimed at entrepreneurs under 40, this year’s contest has yet another advantage to offer today’s budding leaders of tomorrow. Candidates have until 1st June […]

Top 100 Ultra Luxury Trends in 2013 honours three Monaco related projects

 February 02, 2014

The Ultra Luxury Fashion Trend Report will allow you to have the foresight into what ultra luxury trends will be important to take into account for the next one to four years. In 2013 three Monaco related projects were listed in the TOP 100 Ultra Luxury trends. The Luxury Trend Report features a collection of […]

Jim Carrey on the Power of Intention

 February 01, 2014

Jim Carrey puts words around the power of intention, and the potential for transformational media. A video which will definetly positively change your views about the Hollywood actor Jim Carrey. If you had the chance to see the Oprah show maybe you heard the story that actor Jim Carrey is famous for parking his car […]

Old Money Families That Have Been Richest The Longest

 January 30, 2014

Top billionaires as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Carlos Slim might have accumulated a lot of wealth but they are never to come in the league of old rich families which have been wealthy over since times innumerable. Below are some of the rich families who have had riches from over the generations: Astor family […]

(Video) Advice for Young Entrepreneurs: How to Be Taken Seriously

 January 27, 2014

To succeed at a young age as entrepreneurs and leaders, young people must find mentors, put themselves in situations that encourage growth, and take themselves seriously even in the face of opposition. We recently found this YouTube video below and we believe it is worth to watch and listen to it. Especially if your are […]

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