Challenges for Monaco established businesses in 2020

 January 14, 2020

Being the 2nd smallest country of the World (situated just behind Vatican City), Monaco has to be, by definition, looking towards the outside, the international in order to survive and blossom. Hence, for example, the 139 nationalities represented in the Principality of Monaco. Being very international oriented makes Monaco and its entrepreneurs very sensitive to […]

Major challenges in Monaco: Marriage

 January 12, 2020

Even if Monaco does not have the typical wedding tourism as seen in other countries, its location provides exclusivity for the special moment. The Principality celebrates approximately 200 weddings each year, and interestingly, less than ten marriages on average between exclusively Monégasque citizens. Marrying in the Principality can make couples feel that they are royalty. […]

Major challenges in Monaco: Prenuptial agreement

 January 08, 2020

A marriage contract is almost a preference (requirement) when you open a bank account in Monaco. The Principality highly respects your privacy, and the last thing the bank wants to do is to be in the middle of an international financial settlement fight, where they might be legally forced to disclose the assets of their […]

Major challenges in Monaco: When Advisors Overstep Their Limits

 December 27, 2019

As you spend more time in Monaco, you can discover some very interesting human behaviors among some of the employees in the Principality. As with any relocation to a new country, there are always challenges to overcome, whether it be cultural or in-country processes, etc. For many people working in the Principality of Monaco, it […]

A Monaco based Designer’s Guide to Shopping Online

 December 23, 2019

Monaco-based haute-couture designer Mila Ihander shares her top 5 checklist items for ordering dresses online. To avoid mistakes of ill-fitting pieces, colour disappointments and committing a fashion faux pas, read through Mila’s checklist below to order the ultimate outfit. 1. Examine your figure Measure your chest, waist and hips with a measuring tape. Look at […]

Monaco: the icon of ‘luxury’ and its added value

 December 16, 2019

Monaco Wealth Management founder Zsolt Szemerszky was interviewed by the Chinese Weekly Magazine. The Chinese Weekly is a leading Chinese magazine targeting globally-minded Chinese readers around the world. The cover story of their current issue is about the Principality of Monaco and they feature story about the society of Monaco. Given Zsolt’s experience and expertise, […]

Major challenges in Monaco: Business Acquisition . Part II: Exceptions and the 10-years principle

 December 13, 2019

Last month we published an article about “Major challenges in Monaco: Business Acquisition”. The topic generated a major interest and we decided to ask our trusted business advisory partner, VK*P business advisors to ensure us their unparalleled, professional inputs on the topic. The fonders of VK*P business advisors have over 3,000 people informed and guided on business and […]

Major challenges in Monaco: 6 Months in a Year

 December 09, 2019

If you are considering Monaco residency for taxation reasons, you will need to prove without doubt that you live at least 6 months in a year inside the borders of the Principality; otherwise, you will lose your tax benefits. As with any relocation to a new country, there are always challenges to overcome, whether it […]

Diamonds as an Investment

 December 09, 2019

“Diamonds are the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world”, said Pliny the Elder, a Roman naturalist and philosopher, in the first century AD. Carbon is the only element forming diamonds. This remarkable stone represents the symbol of eternal love and allows us to wear it every day, […]

Major challenges in Monaco: Banks

 December 02, 2019

Monaco’s banking and financial sectors offers you an estimated 40 banks and 50 wealth management companies, family offices and financial advisors in which to choose from, and together they are managing funds of almost 100 billion euro. Once you have decided to relocate to the Principality of Monaco, one of your very first steps will […]

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