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Operating a business in the Principality of Monaco always involved extraordinary benefits and clear reasons, motivations. As we see it the top three reasons are Flexibility, Added values and of course Taxation.

Each one of them are worth even individually as reasons to relocate your business in Monaco, while you can be together with your loved ones. Utilizing these benefits you can easily improve your business and you can focus on further developments as well.

It is also very interesting to see how much change has been implemented in the last decade in Monaco ensuring more and more benefits for those well established people who are combining the joy of the luxurious quality lifestyle with the business potential that the Principality of Monaco offers.

However it is highly important to know that a Government authorization is required for any kind of business activity in the territory of the Principality of Monaco.

A few very important things to understand:

In the great public Monaco was always known as a Zero debt country, which makes and highlights the Principality of Monaco as an outstanding place in the European Monetary Zone (as well as all around the World).

From your perspective having your business in a Zero debt country also strengthens your positive image, your own PR value. People will automatically associate the exceptional wealth of the Principality with the image of your company. It is a great tool for highly positioning your company in the eye of your target group.

Monaco is also very committed to support the green environment, it is also a highly sustainable country. In order to provide a great example in June 2006 H.S.H. Prince Albert II established his foundation (Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco) with the purpose to protect the environment and to encourage sustainable development.

But more importantly The Principlaity of Monaco is a competition ready country.

The competitive mind is both a tradition and a passion in Monaco. The competition is also in the air, it is enough just to observe the events at the Principality such as Tennis, Formula One, Boxing, Polo, Swimming, etc…

And beside all of the above mentioned what makes Monaco really unique for a business perspective is the fact that almost 80% of the residents are high profile decision makers and company owners with a well established business and financial background. Most of them are established ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals, which means they have a minimum of 30 million Euro in assets.

Since Monaco is full with key players it is always easier to get the right contacts and the perfect ground for your business.

The names “Monaco” and “Monte-Carlo” are already well positioned marketing tools for those whore are ready to capitalise their potentials.

Having a company in the Principality of Monaco can be also considered as a door opener label, since most people immediately think about wealth and stability when they hear about a Monaco based company.

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Suggested Government sources

Gouvernement Princier

23, avenue Albert II , Monte-Carlo, 98000 Monaco

Monaco Brands

31 avenue Princesse Grace L'Estoril, Monte-Carlo, 98000 Monaco

Service Public for Businesses

23, avenue Albert II , Monte-Carlo, 98000 Monaco

Service Public for Individuals

23, avenue Albert II , Monte-Carlo, 98000 Monaco

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