Licensed professionals 

Licensed professionals 

The term "Licensed professionals" encompasses all the professions that are undertaken by one person, individually, on their own personal responsibility.

Professions classified as Licensed professionals offer intellectual and conceptual services to the public.

Insurance, accounting, legal and financial activities

  • Insurance brokers & general insurance agents
  • Lawyers
  • Banks, financial and credit institutions
  • Chartered & authorised accountant
  • The management of securities or futures portfolios
  • The management of undertakings for collective investment, receipt and transmission of orders on financial markets
  • Process servers & bailiffs
  • Multi Family Office
  • Notaries


  • Architects
  • Estate agents
  • Administrators of jointly owned property


  • Production, distribution, imports and exports of films, etc.
  • Setting up and using private radio-relay stations

Construction activity

  • Construction and public works

Personal domestic services

  • Protection - caretaking - private security

Health sector

  • Medical auxiliaries
  • Dental surgeons
  • Medecine
  • Osteopathy
  • Pharmacy
  • Psychology
  • Healthcare transport (on land)
  • Healthcare transport (by air)

Food sector

  • Production, manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage, and transport of food products or animal feed
  • Retail sales of food products or animal feed, such as, for example, caterers, restaurants, snack-bars, supermarkets, pet shops


  • Opening and running an establishment for the manufacturing, packaging, wholesale distribution, import or export of cosmetic products


  • Taxis - vehicle rental with driver
  • Driving school instructor
  • Air transport
  • Road transport of passengers or goods and services incidental to transport
  • Maritime transport of a commercial nature
  • Shipbrokers

Other business activities

  • Weapons and ammunition - manufacture and sale of firearms or ammunition - intermediaries or advertising agents for a manufacturer or retailer of firearms and ammunition
  • Motor vehicle testing and inspection of hygiene, safety and environmental protection
  • Opening a garage
  • Service stations

Activities for which the conditions of business are regulated

  • Antiques dealers
  • Importing, marketing or rendering operational medical devices
  • Manufacturing, placing on the market, distribution, import or export of medical devices for in vitro diagnosis
  • Tattooing, permanent make-up and piercing
  • Sale of and making available to the public certain items of sun-tanning equipment using ultraviolet radiation

Activities to which access is not regulated but that are subject to obtaining authorization

  • Legal advice
  • Teaching - opening a private teaching establishment - home schooling
  • Hotel-keeping - landlords of furnished property
  • Precious metals - Assay commissionner
  • Pawnbroking

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