Diamonds as an Investment

 December 9, 2019

Photo via Vitale 1913



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“Diamonds are the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world”, said Pliny the Elder, a Roman naturalist and philosopher, in the first century AD.

Carbon is the only element forming diamonds. This remarkable stone represents the symbol of eternal love and allows us to wear it every day, as a single stone such as in a ring or in earrings, but often in stunning jewellery settings, as well as also being an excellent form of financial investment. An excellent way of mixing business with pleasure.

Diamonds are not subjected to particular laws and other forms of monopoly by international organisations. This industry allows you to invest in a protected good that will allow you to manage and protect your wealth, satisfy individual customer needs and keep a high and consistent price performance. Investing in diamonds enables you to diversify your portfolio. It differentiates itself from other financial instruments such as real estate, immovable and moveable assets, gold and other commodities. 

This rare gemstone, contrary to all other assets that you may own, are not subject to inflation and price changes, affected by the volatility of market. Diamonds compared to the other assets are a more durable form of investment. They withstand inflation better and despite price fluctuations, their value is always on the rise and increases an average between 8% and 15% per annum. Diamonds can be considered as an excellent medium to long-term investment. 

Worldwide diamonds are traded on a daily basis and can easily sell no matter in which part of the world one finds themselves. The estimation of the diamond’s value can be easily made thanks to a certificate, issued by international well-known laboratories such as GIA, HRD and IGI. 

Vitale 1913 showroom / Photo via Vitale 1913
Vitale 1913 showroom / Photo via Vitale 1913
Alberto Domenico VITALE
Alberto Domenico VITALE

Another clear advantage of diamonds is that, in case of inheritance, they fall under the gemstone and arts category and are (in for most countries) exempt from inheritance taxes.

Vitale 1913, has a niche Atelier located in the heart of the Carre d’Or of Monaco and is able to give you an exclusive and global offering of services. They are experts in investment diamonds and creators of bespoke jewellery pieces, but also offer services such as jewellery expertise and certification (such as for insurance purposes), cleaning and repair of jewellery pieces, as well as gemology courses giving you the basis of skills necessary for evaluating diamonds and other precious stones. 

To learn more about investment diamonds and their services, please contact us at or phone us on +377 93 50 24 26. To view their collections, please visit


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