Ensure you have the right automobile protection this winter!

 November 26, 2019

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Winter is upon us, and throughout the year, this is the most demanding season of them all. Winter poses many more risks, especially from country to country across Europe. From the wet conditions across the south of France to the snow conditions across the Swiss Alps.

Therefore, insuring an automobile, whether it is sports cars, collectible or a prestige car during this season, Drouin Assurances based from Monaco, understands both your passion for exclusive vehicles and the seasonal requirements that must be covered. Their specific characteristics require a detailed understanding of the automotive market and specific vehicle models.

Through its network of partners with specialists within the sector, Frederic Drouin of Drouin Assurances developed and has negotiated from leading insurance companies special conditions vehicle insurance solutions to meet needs to clients, at the best price and optimal level of cover for the most beautiful and famous sport cars and classic collector cars.

Photo via Drouin Assurances
Photo via Drouin Assurances

The price of insurance should not be the only selection criterion: the level of cover on offer matters too. Comprehensive insurance will provide you with maximum protection, and for this type of cars, Drouin Assurances advice to make an expertise of the cars by a professional expert in Monaco to put the agreed value on the contract.

In case of damages, the insurance companies check and reimburse on the agreed value of the cars by expertise or invoice of buy.

The best and principal covers that Drouin Assurances propose for the insurance cars contract

  • Tailored rates suited to the specifics of each vehicle, regardless of its value or power
  • Adjustable deductible
  • Assistance 24h/24, 7j/7
  • Insurance for collector vehicles at an agreed value
  • No deductible for window breakage, even with minimum cover
  • Reimbursement of the vehicle at full replacement cost, for 3 years
  • Theft coverage includes carjacking
  • Low kilometre package for vehicles that are seldom driven
  • Ability to provide cover for content and non-standard accessories
  • A personal service in case of claim (responsiveness, tailored solutions, case follow-up …)
  • At no extra charge, a thorough study of your file so as to exactly meet your personal needs
  • Resuming bonuses when changing residence for the foreigners clients.

Having the right insurance to cover your existing needs is paramount, in an area that could be a potential minefield, ensure you get the right advice first time specially tailored for you and where you reside.

Check your insurance this winter, make sure you are up to date and if you have any questions, contact Frederic Drouin for the right advice.

Photo via Drouin Assurances
Photo via Drouin Assurances

Do you have questions related to insurance in Monaco?

DROUIN ASSURANCES is a Monaco based bespoke insurance brokerage specialising in dealing with luxury insurance contracts for HNW and UHNW individuals.

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