Theft of an expensive women bag followed by remorse still brings trouble

 August 7, 2019




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A young lady in Monaco strolled toward the Port, sat on a bench on the way, put down her back-pack, and then continued her walk forgetting she had left the back-pack on the bench. Meanwhile an Italian tourist came by and opportunistically swiped “the prize” from the bench.

Inside were keys, credit cards, ID, about 40 euros in cash and some T-shirts. The victim was quick to alert the police and the police in turn were quick to check the security cameras.

What they saw was the Italian dumping the contents of the back-pack in a planter and walking off with his now empty prize. Interestingly the “robber” had a change of heart the next day. He returned to the bench to replace the back-pack little knowing that the police had seen him on camera already. And he had also published an apology to the victim on Facebook.

Meanwhile the victim had filed a formal complaint as she had also had to have all the locks changed on her apartment. So the upshot of all this is that the remorseful Italian finds himself in Court with a lot of explaining to do. Stammering and embarrassed he admitted that he craved owning an expensive back-pack. Just having it for 24 hours gave him a buzz. Unfortunately for him the Court was not amused.

The victim was awarded 2000 euros reimbursement of costs and the Italian was given a 1000 euro suspended fine. Enough to make him think twice before “borrowing” an expensive item again for 24 hours!

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