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 July 6, 2019

Citymapper Monaco App



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Citymapper is a free app designed to make modal transfer easier and promote soft and shared mobility.

As part of the Extended Monaco program, the Principality is now integrated into the Citymapper app, where it appears alongside other major cities including Paris, London, Los Angeles, and Mexico City. Every city featured in Citymapper has its own avatar, called DUDE, symbolically describing the city as seen by its residents. The region covered in the first version of the app ranges from the Italian border to Nice airport, and includes the following modes of transport: SNCF, Mobee, Hélicoptère, Monabike, Monacair, CAM, Zest (lines running through Monaco), Ligne d’Azur (lines running through Monaco and the Cap-d’Ail line).

Citymapper is a fun, free and user-friendly app that calculates and simulates journeys using the different modes of transport – both public and private – available in the zone covered. It is an aid for planning urban journeys and calculating routes in real time in a “Gaming and Humorous” spirit that makes it fun and pleasant to use (e.g. users can calculate calories burned, number of trees saved, journey time by catapult, etc.). Ideal for residents, commuters and tourists, the app guides users from A to B, and can be configures to provide alerts in the event of congestion, late trains or buses, etc.

In a world first for Citymapper, the app will also show public car parks in Monaco and their availability in real time. It will also, of course, include a feature to guide pedestrian mobility, with scenarios for each journey and a self-learning system based on previous choices made by users, to improve its suggestions. It will also have network plans for offline consultation. The app is another valuable tool to accompany the energy transition.

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