MEB’s 35th Members Rendezvous

 June 19, 2019

MEB’s 35th Members Rendezvous / Photo via MEB



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In an enchanting Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel setting, 300 stakeholders in the Principality’s economy gathered for the MEB’s 35th Members Rendezvous. After an intense BtoB session, Executive Director General Guillaume Rose unveiled changes to the MEB and details of a packed and varied programme of events up to December 2019.

With 85 one-on-one meetings involving 55 companies, the BtoB session organised by the Monaco Chamber of Commerce team once again proved very effective. Each lasted ten minutes giving those present an opportunity to talk business and/or make new contacts in the most efficient way.

MEB’s 35th Members Rendezvous / Photo via MEB

An hour later guests gathered on the terrace for the Rendezvous itself that started with a welcome speech by Chairman Michel Dotta. Executive Director General Guillaume Rose then took to the floor to explain changes at the MEB since his arrival in March. These include:

  • set up of a dedicated department for coordinating actions taken by public and public-private entities involved in operations abroad. The idea is to take these events and their pooling of expertise one stage further to promote the Principality.
  • reinforcement of the Monaco Chamber of Commerce team to give members an improved service.

Guillaume Rose then announced the main events up to December which include no less than five Trade Missions: Bucharest 11-13 September, Rostov-sur-le-Don 18-20 September, Naples 21-22 October, Turin 7-8 November and Seoul 5-8 December. For each trip, the MEB is drawing on the knowledge and expertise of local networks, starting with the Principality’s own diplomatic and consular network. In Italy and Romania, ‘Monaco Destination’ Ambassadors and businesses with strong ties to the Principality will help develop opportunities.

MEB’s 35th Members Rendezvous / Photo via MEB

Still abroad, promotional operations in partnership with Monaco for Finance (AMAF*) are also on the agenda including to London, Vaduz and Zurich. As for 2020, the Executive Director General outlined the main avenues of action with 12 destinations either scheduled or being evaluated.

In Monaco, two renowned economists, Jean-Pierre Petit, (Cahiers Verts de l’Économie) and Ludovic Subran (Euler Hermes /Allianz) will again distil their knowledge in talks scheduled for 13 September and 15 October respectively. Finally, the 8th Monaco-Matin Eco Club Awards recognise remarkable entrepreneurs in the Principality on 12 November. This will be a highlight for MEB members who throughout the year never miss an opportunity to expand their businesses in Monaco and abroad.

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