How the right space planning can create a better living space in your apartment

 June 9, 2019

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Whether London or Monaco, the available living space is often quite small, even when buying a luxury property. The number of rooms and square meters given can provide a challenge to create a welcoming home.  

Photo: Landmass

This is why, space planning and the right usage of space should be at the core of any interior design – if a one-bedroom or a penthouse. As everyone is different also the ideal use of space can vary depending on personal requirements, but ultimately will not only change the layout of your apartment, but to your general well-being. 

The right approach to space planning involves maximum utilisation of all available space in the most efficient and effective way. If we look at it from a financial perspective, it is evident that space is one of the most valuable assets for anybody, especially with prices per square foot constantly increasing. 

Photo: Landmass

Experience over number of rooms

“Over the past years we could observe a change in the way people perceive their homes. It is much less the sheer number of rooms, but rather the feeling their home give them that matter. A spacious, light-filled home is not restricted to a certain number of bedrooms. In contrast, less but bigger and brighter rooms, will give a greater feeling of space than a lot of small rooms in an apartment”, states Alan Waxman, Founder and Chief Executive of Landmass. 

When it comes to creating a better, more open living space, we can learn a lot from the concepts of lofts.  If you have a great view at one side of your apartment, having only one big room would give the possibility of taking advantage of your view at all times. But you don’t have to go as far as removing all interior walls. If you don’t feel as adventurous you can just combine rooms. The most classic example would be an open plan kitchen, but also the combination of a bedroom with a study can be a great way to create more space. 

Photo: Landmass

Use of scaled floorplans

In smaller apartments we often struggle to get all the desired furniture into the rooms. Small bedrooms might not fit a king-size bed together with all the furniture or a big dining table wouldn’t fit into a small two-bedroom apartment. That is why, before making those choices, we use scaled floorplans to find how, what is possible with the space given. A scaled floorplan acts as a map and let’s you see where to accommodate pieces you might already have and what is the right sized furniture – if store bought or bespoke.

Smart storage

“As in Monaco apartments tend to be rather small, smart storage options are an ideal solution – especially for one- or two-bedrooms.”, says Claudia Rossi, Head of Architecture & Interior Design at Landmass. 

Photo: Landmass

Claudia’s 3 Top Tips for smart storage options in smaller flats: 

1) Raise the bed: Take advantage of the hidden space under the bed to store bins, boxes and other bulky items. To add extra inches, invest in bed risers (make sure to add a lengthened bed skirt to cover the risers/storage space). The raised bed looks even more elegant and as a bonus provides more hidden storage!

2) Shelving: Utilise your wall space to mount floating shelves, hang your television on the wall or install a headboard with shelves (thus alleviating the need for a television stand or two nightstands). You can use the height of the walls as well investing in tall bookshelves and furniture that is taller than it is wide. Varying the height of your furniture pieces will keep the room visually interesting as well as spacious.

3) Be smart with furniture choices: Choose furniture that is adaptable to a variety of arrangements and rooms – look for glass surfaces and mirrored table legs that reflect light and make your space feel larger. If you’re really tight on space you can chose multipurpose pieces like daybeds that can be used as couches and a desk that can function as a table.

Photo: Landmass

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