The Carsafe Monaco joins the upcoming UHNW Business Club event in London

 May 2, 2019

The Carsafe



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The Carsafe’s provides owners of high performance and classic automobiles with storage and security options that reflect the intangible value of their ‘auto assets,’ and 24/7, ready-to-go access to their cars, their clients are some of the most exclusive car collectors in the world.

The upcoming UHNW Business Club event will be held in London on the 26th June 2019. Monaco Wealth Management is proud to confirm that Carsafe Monaco is joining to the Networking Evening where Monaco Wealth Management brings special guests from the UHNW business community of Monaco.

As London and Monaco share some of the highest concentrations of HNW and UHNWI’s in the world, join us in London for thought-provoking discussions and network with like-minded individuals.

Join us at the exclusive Vault Bar, London and connect with leaders from the UHNW industry of Monaco and London. We Invite: All professionals who work with HNW & UHNWI’s.

Event booking links:

  • Eventbrite (GBP)
  • Monaco Wealth Management (Euro)
UHNW Business Club - London Event

Some of the featured Monaco based companies for the UHNW Business Club event:

Art Live: Monaco based TV channel

CarSafe: The Carsafe provides luxury concierge style storage services to collectors and enthusiasts traveling to and from Monaco, to residents requiring white-glove storage for their collections

CM Monaco Real-Estate: it offers transaction, sales, rental and high-end property management services for real estate located mainly in the Principality of Monaco.

Monaco Wealth Management: an unbiased business and wealth itinerary, founded in August 2010 with the goal of bringing transparency to the business actors of the Principality of Monaco.

TEOS: The Eye On Style, TV channel and Magazine dedicated to present the UHNW lifestyle

The Drivers Circle: Monaco based The Drivers Circle brings together the most exclusive car collectors in the world for extraordinary driving experiences throughout the year.

UHNW Management Family Office London: UHNW advisors focusing on EU Citizenship by Investment Programmes with a focus on Cyprus.

Upcoming UHNW Business Club events:

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