A Monegasque Subletting Against The Rules Lands in Criminal Court

 February 26, 2019




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It’s a first. Not the first time a Monegasque has sublet their apartment in Monaco against the rules – but the first time the infraction has ended up in the Criminal courts.

The Principality rents apartments to its citizens under very privileged conditions which means rents significantly below the rents in the private sector. For example, a Monegasque young lady rented her apartment from the Principality for below 700 euros per month that in the private market might rent for well over 2500 euros (as a rough guesstimate). But she got herself into financial difficulty and decided to make some money quickly by sub-letting during the Grand Prix. Advertising on AirB&B netted her 1.400 euros for two nights and a 1000 euro security deposit.

It’s blatantly against the rules but she might have got away with it, unobserved. Except one of her renters (a couple) had a medical emergency in the evening – and an ambulance had to be called to the apartment to take the sick holiday-maker to hospital. Spotlight on the “illegal” renting which was pursued as a criminal offense.

The judge established on questioning that the young Monegasque knew she was breaking the rules. He also established by questioning the apartment Administrator for the Principality that there were other similar breaches of the “no sub-letting” rule by Monegasques.

This was the first time it was in Court though. The Prosecution sought a four month suspended prison sentence as a strong signal to those who illegally sub-let.

Of course, the real punishment was when the young Monegasque was ejected from her fine apartment. She will have to reapply to the Principality to be re-housed and probably in far less luxurious premises at a rent she can afford. The request by the Prosecutor for a suspended prison sentence is under review.

Originally published by Olga Taran at HelloMonaco.com

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