Introducing the Rosemont Art Club and they invite you to “Fall in Love with Art”

 February 19, 2019

My love explodes in the Universe
"My love explodes in the Universe" artwork by Dodo Newman



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Art like love grows deeper over time, but how does one learn to love art, a relationship with an artwork doesn’t always start at first sight, having said that, it can be nourished to a place of appreciation and understanding.

So where do you begin? How should you know what to like, what to look at, you may put your feet in the water by going to auction houses, museums, galleries, but find it still intimidating, what is that abstract painting you think that your kid could paint!

Rosemont’s first piece of advice is just “go”and “see” what moves you! Do you have an emotional connection to it, then we can talk whether if it’s worth buying it or not.

The reward of enjoying art is multidimensional, in the beginning it is that “wow” effect when a painting, sculpture hits you and you think it is fabulous.

Remember that an expert opinion is still an opinion, it is not a judgement that you have to agree with. Once you realize that you will likely find the expert helpful, as they are willing to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Rosemont Art Advisory explains why appreciating art is vital and how to take those first steps towards finding the piece of art you adore and once you take possession of it how to maintain and manage your collection safely. They help their clients build the confidence in their own art taste and make a rewarding place for art in their lives and businesses.

Introducing the Rosemont Art Club

Rosemont Art Advisory is pleased to announce to all of you the inauguration of Rosemont Art Club member’s only global arts club offering uniquely privileged access to private and corporate clients wishing to receive professional advice in the various aspects of the art market, look for a vibrant and historical art scene exposure and it’s cultural and institutional representation.

Rosemont Art’s Club offers our clients privileged access to previews at art fairs, museums, art galleries and much more.

For more information please get in touch with
Karolina Blasiak at

Rosemont Art Advisory

Rosemont Art Advisory offers bespoke fine art asset management services for artists, art professionals, collectors, art institutions, private museums and foundations, private banks, family offices.

Private collectors as well as corporate clients are given a unique opportunity of very discreet and strategic advice encompassing all aspects of the art collecting process, from acquisitions to collection management, market analysis and sales all the while confirming the authenticity and provenance.

Rosemont Art Advisory can help in negotiating the terms and conditions of sale and purchases on behalf of their clients. Following an initial dialogue, the advisory targets a series of museum and gallery exhibitions to visit with clients.

Rosemont Art Advisory continue the process by accompanying clients to international art fairs, biennales, auction previews, and by visiting artists’ studios. This practice is a critical step in identifying the collector’s own art historical and aesthetic leanings. Trust is key to every business relationship. Rosemont Art Advisory look forward to assisting you!

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