Crypto Firms Betting on Diamonds

 February 6, 2019




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The First Financial Market For Diamonds was announced by

Trade Diamonds on the Blockchain, use the CARAT Token to trade diamonds – peer to peer with no middlemen. is tokenizing the world’s most precious commodity – diamonds. We’re building a liquid method to exchange diamonds’ digital value with a real-world usage and exposure to the diamond and jewelry industries.

CARAT is a diamond-backed digital currency, which can be redeemed in the real-world diamond market. By being linked to a physical commodity averaging an appreciation of 5-6% annually, the CARAT Token remains one of the most stable and promising assets.

Beyond being a sound use of capital, the CARAT Token will also function as a means of payment that will help kick-start the diamond and jewelry industries in multiple ways: purchase diamonds and jewellery, peer to peer payment method and a brilliant solution for the diamonds and crypto industries financing and banking issues.

Diamond Pricing Algorithm (DPA)

The Diamond Pricing Algorithm (DPA) is the first technological, fully-automated method that allows accurate diamond pricing. Using innovative machine learning technology and advanced mathematical models, the DPA tracks real world global prices data, and accounts for 14 different parameters of pricing, creating a reliable data-driven benchmark of any diamond’s perfect price point, and an unprecedented level of transparency that assures fairness on all sides.


Diamond Financial Index (DFX)

The Diamond Financial Index (DFX) is the first index created to help investors, diamond dealers, or end – users gauge the health of the overall diamond market. As with a stock index, each diamond index publishes a score to reflect the performance of the diamond market as a whole, on a graphic, linear and financial display.

The DFX adds over 700,000 stones daily, which will soon grow to more than 1,000,000, and is already running and proving popular on!

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