Lionel Galfré joins the DITN; Sophie Vincent Succeeds him as Head of IMSEE

 February 4, 2019

Lionel Galfré joins the DITN; Sophie Vincent Succeeds him as Head of IMSEE
Lionel Galfré - Sophie Vincent - ©Direction de la Communication



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Lionel Galfré, who has been Director of the Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (IMSEE) since it was founded in 2011, joined the Digital Transition Office (DITN) on 28 January, where he will be become Chief Data Officer.

“It will be a matter of organising the management and processing of data collected by the Administration, for the benefit of the State, the population, employees and entrepreneurs. It will also be a question of ensuring their protection. Joining the project headed by Frédéric Genta and his team is exciting; because of the opportunity for change in our Administration that it offers, the aim of serving the general interest that it pursues, and the people who are involved in it,” he stated.

Sophie Vincent, who has been Deputy Director of Employment for the past four years, now takes over from him as Director of IMSEE. She has started her career in the public service in 2001 as Head of the Youth Employment Unit, and was then appointed Head of the Employment Office in 2009 and Deputy Director of Employment in 2015. With regard to her new position, she said:

IMSEE is a wonderful institution, with competent staff. It is a showcase for the Public Service, and is characterised by an independent, impartial spirit. I am fortunate to be inheriting a strong management team. I am committed to ensuring that its ethics and philosophy are maintained over the long term.”

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