The Grimaldi Forum is exhibiting at RETROMOBILE and is already thinking about 2020

 January 30, 2019

RETROMOBILE exhibition / Photo via Grimaldi Forum



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Meeting-event on Friday, February 8, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, at the GRIMALDI FORUM MONACO stand (Hall 1, E023) with Thierry BOUTSEN, former Formula 1 and Endurance driver, and his last F1 of 1993, the Jordan 193

As part of the presentation of the exhibition “Monaco and the Automobile” (summer 2020)


from 9 July to 13 September 2020,
at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco

“Monaco” and the “automobile” – two legendary words, and what’s more, two words which are intimately associated with each other, because the history of the Principality of Monaco and the history of the motor car are truly intertwined.

From the first car hill climb race (the route of which was Marseille-Nice-La Turbie-Monte Carlo), which took place from 1897, to the great modern races, not forgetting the prestigious interwar concours d’élégance, the Principality’s economic and social life is marked by these events which are held on Monegasque asphalt, the incomparable test track for the greatest technical and technological developments in cars and its ecosystem.

Monaco’s image is especially projected by two races which, right from the off, have been and still continue to be today, major events in the international competitive motorsport calendar – the Monte Carlo Rally and the Monaco Grand Prix.

The biggest names in international motorsport have left their tyre marks on the tarmac on the streets of the Principality and on the roads which lead there. Monaco is developing, its urban landscape in a constant state of flux, around a circuit which, as for it, has remained almost unchanged over the years. Every step they take there, looking around, native Monegasques and tourists alike are able to tell an anecdote or bring back to life a scene which makes up the motorsport legend of the place.

Designed to be both an exploration and a celebration, the exhibition invites visitors to immerse themselves in this history and in this shape-shifting heritage. About 50 cars which are part of the legend will be unveiled to visitors. The cars were all genuinely used in one of the great Monaco-related motor car races and some of them were even driven by the winners of them.

Amongst such cars, many are the most emblematic ones – Hotchkiss, Delahaye, Alpine, Lancia, Porsche and Citroën. Other more unexpected models, will also be on show.

The exhibition will highlight a large variety of works, of memorabilia and also of never-before-exhibited archives. Visitors will follow a route around it, in such a way that they will alternate between displays of motor cars, animated documentary sequences and interactive experiences. The exhibition is split into three major sections – the Monte Carlo Rally, the Monaco Grand Prix and the ancestral links between the Monaco Princely Family and the motor car – and it will focus on events which have left a mark on our collective imagination, while shedding light on the history of the motor car, both in terms of technology and of the car’s role in society. The event, which will be held right at the heart of the Principality, will constitute the first exhibition which intends to celebrate Monaco’s motor car connections.

Originally published at Grimaldi Forum

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