Grace Kelly coin worth €2,000: what makes the coin so valuable?

 January 21, 2019

Grace Kelly coin
Grace Kelly coin / Pinterest / Alex Numis



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“The €2 commemorative Grace Kelly coin, created in 2007 in memory of the Princess, is now worth a lot more than two euros.” – reports

When the Principality of Monaco’s Museum of Stamps and Coins first brought out the coin 10 years ago, it was sold for a price of €120, which seemed steep for many buyers at the time. But the limited edition is currently a real treasure for collectors, is worth about €2,000 and its value continues to increase.

Its small circulation of 20,001 copies (20,000 copies in distribution and a copy for Prince Albert), which is the smallest circulation of all €2 commemorative coins between 2007 and 2014, makes it especially valuable. The emblematic profile of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, wife of Prince Rainier III, a woman loved by all Monegasques and many Americans, also adds to the value of the sought after coin.

Grace Kelly coin
Grace Kelly coin / Pinterest / Alex Numis

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