Studio Fuksas wins the competition for new Fontvieille’s site

 January 17, 2019

Photo: Studio Fuksas



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Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas won the contest for the Fontvieille site project to revitalize Fontvieille’s district and port in Principality of Monaco. The project provides answers to major commercial, urban, architectural and ecological issues.

The new project directs the building to the outside, towards the horizon, creating links with the surrounding environment and landscape – from the island of Ranieri III to the sea, through the Canton Square, the zoo, Telecabina station and Alberto II avenue.

The idea is to ​​observe the natural elements: the sea and the green slopes of the Mediterranean hills. The curved lines evoke the movement of the waves and the morphology of the bottom of the sea but also and especially the Monegasque landscape: the curves that gradually reach the sea, cross Fontvieille, already known for “The rose garden” and the pastel colors of its buildings.

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How to buy a property in Monaco?

With its exceptional real-estate market the Principality of Monaco attracts millionaires to invest into Monaco based properties. Based on the success of our previous articles called “Understanding Monaco: Exceptional as you are” we decided to dive into the secrets of the Principality with the help of Monaco’s dynamic real-estate agency, Monte-Carlo Estates.

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How can you be a resident in Monaco?

Any foreigner, except French subjects, who wishes to live in Monaco for a period longer than three months or establish a residence in the territory of the Principality of Monaco must be the holder of a settlement visa.

Supplied with this visa, every foreigner over sixteen years of age is required to request within eight days of his arrival in the Principality of Monaco a resident’s card (Carte de Resident) or residence permit (Carte de Sejour) from the Foreigners’ Section of the Directorate of the Police Service.

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