2018 was a sad year in Monaco

 January 9, 2019

Photo via La Mairie de Monaco



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More people died, more people divorced and less people married in 2018.

The La Mairie de Monaco just published its annual statistics – a review on birth, marriages, divorces and death in the Principality of Monaco.

The Civil Registry’s mission is to record the main events that mark the life of each individual, namely births, marriages and deaths. It is aimed at Monegasques as well as people of foreign nationality born, married and / or divorced in the Principality.

Key figures:

  • 983 births in Monaco (958 births in 2017)
    • 49,6% of the new borns are illegitimate children
    • Most popular girl names: Léa, Victoria, Chloé, Emma and Sofia
    • Most popular boy names: Gabriel, Andrea, Lucas, Aaron and Adam
  • 528 deaths in Monaco (490 deaths in 2017)
  • 183 marriages in Monaco (206 marriages in 2017)
  • 78 divorces in Monaco (69 divorces in 2017)

Birth in Monaco

Of these 983 births, 982 were born at the Princess Grace Hospital Maternity Hospital (CHPG) and one in another location.

  • 524 male
  • 459 female

495 births are from marital unions (called “legitimate”), and 488 children are born out of wedlock.

Concerning the place of residence, 227 families were domiciled in Monaco, while the 756 other births concerned parents domiciled outside the Principality – mostly in the communes of Menton (261), Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (103). ) and Beausoleil (132).

Did you know that Monaco is very protective and well equipped for supporting the growing families? However it is a very important thing to know that giving birth to a child in the territory of the Principality of Monaco does not mean that the child automatically receives the Monégasque nationality.

Here is all you need to know about pregnancy and giving birth in the Principality.

Finally, the top 5 of the most awarded first names in 2018 positions Léa, Victoria, Chloé, Emma and Sofia for the girls and Gabriel, Andrea, Lucas, Aaron and Adam for the boys.

Death in Monaco

528 deaths happened in the Principality of  Monaco in 2018.

  • 286 men
  • 242 women

More than 85% of deaths occurred in hospital (82%) or clinic (6%). Of those who died, 253 were domiciled in Monaco and 275 in neighboring communes.


Finally, 183 marriages were celebrated in the Principality in 2018. Concerning the marriages of persons of Monegasque nationality:

  • 7 marriages united two persons of Monegasque nationality
  • 45 Monegasque men married a foreign woman
  • 33 Monegasque women choose a foreign husband

Interested to marry in Monaco? The primary requirement for foreign citizens to get married in Monaco is to reside in the Principality for at least 30 days prior to the wedding. And here you can read about the further requirements.


The number of divorces has slightly increased with 78 registered divorces in 2018 (compared to 69 in 2017), all nationalities combined.

In Monaco the base of compensation for the spouse is never based on the actual wealth. Based on the law what you brought into the marriage stays yours after the divorce.

The process of divorce in the Principality is often difficult because of the country of origin of the foreign residents. For example if a Swiss man marries a German woman and they both reside in the Principality of Monaco, they need to take into consideration three different legislations (Swiss, German, Monégasque).

Discover more about Divorcing in Monaco


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