Dare to dream

 January 8, 2019



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Monaco Wealth Management founder Zsolt Szemerszky truly believes that we are dreaming for the purpose to accomplish those particular dreams. We have our dreams for a specific reason. You get your vision with your inner voice because what has been given to you, it was given to you with a reason.

Being the next Oprah, being the next Trump or Obama is not hard at all. The hardest thing is to be yourself. The question is whatever your gift is, whatever your dreams and aspiration are, what are you going to do with them?

In life there is nothing more powerful as a changed mind. Change is never coming by changing your outside, you can change your car, your phone, your hair, your clothing, your address, your wife, but if you do not change your mind the same experience will hunt you over and over again.

Most of us are trying to seek stability without going out of our comfort zone, but sometimes you have to say NO to others in order to say YES to your own aims. Our life here on Earth is limited. Ask yourself how much time you have left and do not live a life which does not support your full potential.

“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try…”
– Gail Devers

Think about this…, if you are still breathing then you are here to accomplish more. You are here because you still have a chance to say YES to your life. Otherwise it will never work for you.

You have to step up and discover what you are truly capable of. Even a simple idea can change your life, but you have to trust in yourself and you have to give more what you paid for. This is how you will find your true self.

Believing in yourself is what life is about it, because change is one of the most feared thing after death. To be honest change is hard but even if it is hard, it is absolutely worth it.

Obstacles and difficulties? Well, there will be tons of them. Many of them will temporary break you. You will fail often and you will loose. It is not a problem, later on you will see that it is a good thing because it will stretch your skills and abilities to achieve more. This is why dreams can be only accomplished through your passion.

If you want to change yourself, if there is something you want to achieve then you have to step into your personal fears. Because when you are able to overcome your fear something really amazing will happen for you. The courage is not something that is coming from others, so stop looking for others’ approval because it all starts with your dream. This is the winners’ quality.

You also have to handle and tune all the critics both inside and outside, because if you do not develop the courage to stand up for what you really want, you will continuously look for others’ approval. The sad thing is that when you are not confident enough in your dreams then other people will convince you that your dream has no value, and later you will give up on yourself. And this will be your decision, not theirs. Your responsibility is towards yourself.

“Excuse = The easy way.
An excuse is worse than a mistake because it effects everything around us and drains down all possible solutions. There is always a way, a wrong way ahead is much better than a no way at all anywhere… ”
– Dodo Newman

Most people give up on themselves easily. It is sad. However the last chapter in our life has not yet happened. You are still alive, so stop wasting valuable time.

It does not matter how long the book of your life is and whether it is full with love, passion, family or with failures and unfulfilled dreams. That is your past. It is gone and you can not change it. However your present says, screams loudly that you still have the chance to write the last pages. It does not matter what happened yesterday.

There is no passion in settling a life which does not offer us what we are capable of living. What gives you a meaning? What is your purpose? Our perspectives are different, our rewards are different too. You can have role models but at the end of the day you have to focus on yourself, your aims and goals! As you focus on you and your own aims every day, you will see the difference in your life.

By time you will learn how to overcome the obstacles / challenges. If you do not know how to overcome them, you will LEARN IT!

Winners are able to maintain their hunger to go and fight for their aims again and again until they do not achieve them. Key to success? Whatever your dream is you have to be fully determined not to quit.

It is supposed to be difficult. Oh, yes… Otherwise there would be no resistance and you will not fight for it. This is your personal learning cycle and at the end of this journey you will see that this is right because you become stronger through the challenges exactly because it is hard.

You should not have illusions either… You will definitely fail on the road, multiple times. But every morning you will embrace yourself on the road because every fail is one step forward towards your success. You do not need to cheat on yourself by living an unfulfilled life. If it is hard then do it hard, because reward is always coming for hard work. Do not quit on yourself.

“Every mountain can be climbed
just you have to find the appropriate way to it.
If somebody does not achieve it’s goal
then he has not done everything to achieve it.
The secret of success is persistence!”
– Zsolt Szemerszky

Never forget that dreams were born from passion and passion is the key to accomplish them. Passion can not be projected or quantified. It is an inner feeling which drives you. To give you an example a hungry person does not care about analytics, fact and odds. That person is driven by an ultimate aim to feed himself.

If you want to accomplish something then take full responsibility for your own decisions, for your own life. Do not accept what is given, step up for your inner calling and challenge the existing because that means you have the power to change. You will be in charge.


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