How to Enrol Your Children into Primary and Secondary School

 January 7, 2019



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Education is compulsory for all children aged six to sixteen who are Monégasque nationals or living in Monaco. Education in the State sector is free while the private sector is fee-paying.

In general, the school enrolment periods are from the middle of January until the middle of February. Registrations are taken in the secretarial offices of the selected schools during the official enrolment periods or by appointment only. Outside these periods, you should contact the Department of Education, Youth and Sport.

Starting children into school could be challenging for parents, since they will be faced with some serious decisions to consider, and these selection possibilities could form and define the life of their child.

What is also important, is that in Primary school, Secondary school and Lycéé, a test will be carried out to assess your child’s level if:

  • his or her mother tongue is a language other than French
  • your child was previously enrolled in a private school that was not under contract

In both cases, the Department of Education, Youth and Sport will send you the contact details of the head of the school; you can then arrange the date of the test with him or her.

After passing all the tests and initial requirements, the very first question you must ask yourself is the following: Do you want a public or a private school?

In the public sector, you can find options for international education, which means learning the English language as well. Being in these kinds of schools could be very tough for your child since they usually spend less time with the general topics because of the English ones.

The public schools in the Principality of Monaco maintain a very high standard of education and many people believe that the new smart generation will come from the public sector.

Obviously, this is a very arguable statement, and many of the private schools will defend their education that maintains similar high levels, however, the decision should not be purely based on the level of education, but the way we also aim to educate and form our own child.

Private education under contract, (subsidized by the Monégasque State and separate from State schools) has to fulfil the same requirements with regard to timetables, teaching programs, examinations taken and teacher recruitment.

The International School of Monaco is an exception, since it is not under a contract subsidized by the Monégasque State. This establishment offers bilingual teaching in French and English.

The Principality of Monaco is an ultra-wealthy and extremely luxurious living environment, in which you can see in the early ages of children. Young babies are dressed in Dior and Gucci, super rich teenagers are running around in Louis Vuitton, and young boys and girls spending over a thousand euro each night for clubbing multiple times a week.

By choosing between public and private school, one of the main questions that parents should ask themselves is about the influence their child will receive. This question is highly important, because once you have enrolled your child; it is your obligation as a parent to help her/him to fit into the chosen society.

An environment not chosen wisely could alienate your child, and by that, you can damage her/his self-confidence and development.

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