Monaco is a ‘must’ for new start-up ventures

 December 21, 2018



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Are you searching for the perfect location in which to start up your new business venture? If so, you should look no further than Monaco. The Principality offers one of the world’s most amenable environments for businesses from a legislative perspective and business in Monaco is conducted against the stunning backdrop of the French Riviera. Many start-ups in Monaco, such as data protection and encryption company Defcom and cryptocurrency developer Monoeci have already found success, and your company could be next. Here’s why…

Business in Monaco

Alongside the glitz, glamour, yachting and motorsport, business is something that people immediately associate with Monaco. This is no accident – Monaco has a deeply embedded culture of helping fledgling companies to thrive. Of course, the famously advantageous tax laws are beneficial, but there is far more to Monaco than its famous perception as a tax haven.

There is a dedicated welcome office for new start-ups in Monaco. Located in Fontvieille, it offers a wealth of information for new businesses about setting up projects, legal considerations, permits, declarations and much more. Alongside this important professional advice, it provides valuable introductions to significant partners such as the Monaco Economic Board (MEB) and Monaco Union of Traders and Artisans (UCAM).

Pioneering technology

Whatever your company has to offer, it is guaranteed to find a market in Monaco. There are opportunities across the entire industry spectrum, and while tourism, retail and hospitality are considered big players, Monaco is also home to a burgeoning tech scene.

Monaco is known as a secure, safe place – its citizens are protected by 24-hour video surveillance. So it stands to reason that technology companies that endeavour to protect people online would be based there; data protection and encryption company Defcom is a prime example. And Monaco also boasts MonacoTech – a start-up programme and incubator that provides access to skills, resources and guidance for promising businesses.

The place and the people

Monaco is a city of millions in more ways than one. The Principality is home to the rich and famous, and around two thousand millionaires, who, needless to say, have plenty of disposable income. This means Monaco offers a prime customer base for start-ups, and is also fertile ground for finding potential investors for your business. 

The millionaires reside in Monaco for a reason. It is next to the glittering French Riviera and provides a perfect environment for sporting activities of all kinds, particularly watersports and sailing. The iconic Monaco Grand Prix also takes place every year – an event that attracts tourists in their droves.

Taking all this into consideration, it is not difficult to see that Monaco offers the ideal environment for both living and working. There is a six-month residency requirement before a business can be started in Monaco, but given the sunny surroundings and luxury lifestyle this is hardly a chore. So what are you waiting for? Get started and take a look at Monaco business for sale now.

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