World Gaming Expo postponed for an entire year

 December 5, 2018



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The World Gaming Expo Monaco, scheduled to take place in December 2018, has been postponed for 12 months. Organizer Monaco International Events SARL issued a statement overnight revealing that it had been forced to create a “new business structure” in order to raise the required capital to further develop the event.

The official explained that, since the first WGE and given the post-event results 2017, new perspectives have emerged for the future of the expo. Most importantly, international companies have shown great interest and now wish to invest sustainably in the future of the show. A step forward that requires the creation of a new business structure, which will allow the channelling of the capital needed for the development of this event.

According to Igor Gamba, WIE Managing Director,

“…[W]e’ve decided to postpone the second edition of the WGE to 2019, which will mark its renewal; a decision which sole purpose is to sustain the event from next year on.

“The 2nd World Gaming Expo Monaco, thus to be held in December 2019, will be revamped and will welcome, under this new impulse, 60 exhibitors carefully selected and distributed over an area of 4000 square meters.

“Considering both the dates we’ve chosen in regard to the other trade shows and the worldwide reputation of Monte Carlo as a prestigious capital of gambling, the WGE is gaining growing interest from a variety of industry professionals and players around the world. Monaco has its legitimate place on the international scene and our goal is to make of WGE Monaco an unmissable event in the sector.”

The WGE was expected to take place December 4-6 at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco.

The 2nd World Gaming Expo Monaco, now to be held in December 2019, will be revamped and will welcome, under this new impulse, sixty exhibitors carefully selected and distributed over an area of 4000m2.

The event is designed to allow companies in the gaming industry, such as equipment manufacturers, software developers and casino representatives, to get together in order to network, find out the latest technology and make new gaming deals. Among some of its sponsors are BetConstruct, Advansys and EGT.

The global gaming ecosystem is changing. More countries are taking a hard-line approach to gambling activities which might have played a role in the WGE not receiving the attention this year it had anticipated. There have been no solid indications that there is any correlation between the increased focus on anti-gambling measures and the postponement of the event, but delaying any event a full year just days before it is to kick off is never a good sign.


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