Did you know that Monaco and Indonesia have an almost identical flag?

 October 10, 2018

New Flag of Monaco
New Flag of Monaco



The National flag of the Principality of Monaco has two equal horizontal bands, and both of them are the heraldic colors of the House of Grimaldi.

Monaco’s flag has been used since at least 1339, while the actual bicolor design was adopted on 4 April 1881, under the reign of Prince Charles III.

Flag of Monaco

However, the flag of Monaco is identical to the flag of Indonesia. Both are built up from the vertical color combination of Red (top) and White (bottom). Although they are nearly identical at the first look, with closer observation you can see a minor difference between the dimensions.

Flag of Indonesia

Indonesia’s nearly similar flag differs in its dimension which is 2:3. It was also introduced and hoisted to the great public later, back in 17 August 1945, at the Indonesian Independence declaration ceremony.

You can also find interesting similarities with the national flags of Singapore and Poland, which also have great resemblance with the Monaco flag.

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