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 October 10, 2018

Black Pearl / Photo via Monaco Yacht Club



At the Monaco Yacht Show, the team on Black Pearl (2017), recognisable among all the superyachts by her square sails in the image of the past, took advantage of this prestigious international show to present at the Yacht Club de Monaco, of which the owner is a member, this incredible 106.7m (350ft) sailing yacht and her evolution into a commercial ocean transport vessel.

One of the most spectacular innovations on Black Pearl is her DynaRig; a silhouette from the past combined with futuristic technology. No-one would imagine from looking at this yacht, with her freestanding carbon masts, that she is capable of speeds worthy of an ocean-racing multi-hull, averaging in excess of 20 knots. The boat is capable of crossing the North Atlantic with only 20 litres of diesel per crossing; less than a Route du Rhum prototype! For while the boat takes advantage of the wind, the propeller blades are turning at the speed of the boat and recharging batteries on board which can be turned on as soon as the breeze drops. Autonomy is total.

Black Pearl’s architect Ken Freivokh, Thys Nikkels, Director of Dykstra Naval Architects, and sail guru Robbie Doyle who established the sail-loft that bears his name, presented the new approach, alongside the boat’s Captain Christopher P. Gartner. They have long expounded the new ideas that have driven this project, as well as its developments. For example, Alain Janet (Solar Cloth System) mentioned the possibility of integrating flexible solar panels into the sails.

Black Pearl / Photo via Monaco Yacht Club

Yet the most significant innovation lies in the name: ECOLINER, a cargo sailing vessel destined to transport cars between Europe and the American continent.

On this occasion, YCM General Secretary Bernard d’Alessandri, presented the La Belle Class Superyacht symbolic sword for Innovation to Captain Gartner, a member of the YCM’s Captains’ Club, to reward the owner’s initiative in bringing the future within our grasp.

A reminder that the Yacht Club de Monaco, presided by HSH Prince Albert II, a fervent advocate of environmental protection, heads a policy encouraging renewable energy, notably through the Solar & Energy Boat Challenge, which brings students and the industry together to put forward innovative clean solutions for the future of yachting. The next edition is 3-6 July 2019.
So many initiatives which demonstrate how the dynamic yachting industry is a real laboratory for the future.

Originally published at Yacht Club de Monaco

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