Did you know that the Principality of Monaco trademarked “Monaco” and “Monte-Carlo”?

 September 14, 2018

Casino at night, Monaco, Europe
Casino at night, Monaco, Europe / Photo: Alamy via Time.com



Since 2012, Monaco also protects its name as a brand, therefore it is not easy to use the word “Monaco” or “Monte-Carlo” in your company, brand or in your product name anymore.

However, it is obvious that Monaco and Monte-Carlo are names which have been a magnet for prestigious and luxury brands.

In 6 April 2012, a Monaco based limited company was created, protecting the “Brands of the State of Monaco”, it is called, Monaco Brands. They are safeguarding, promoting and defending the entire portfolio of brands they own or license.

Therefore, once you use Monaco as a company or commercial name, or as a product name, you breach international trademark rights.

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