Congratulations to Sabine & Thierry!

 September 5, 2018

Prince Albert II, Sabine Courant-Ferber, Thierry Courant and Christian Estrosi / Courtesy of Sabine Courant-Ferber



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We would like to congratulate our friend Sabine Ferber to her wonderful wedding with Thierry Courant celebrated in Nice by the Mayor Monsieur Christian Estrosi.

At beginning of ceremony the Mayor wanted to point out that it is a big honour for him to celebrate the wedding of Sabine & Thierry, in presence of the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, Albert II, as it is the first time that a Sovereign Prince of Monaco is participating at a wedding in the City Hall (Mairie de Nice) of Nice.

The Mayor also highlighted the important work of Sabine contributing to the Principality of Monaco and for HSH Prince Albert II, as well as the Mayor highlighted Thierry’s contribute work for the development of Nice.

Note: Sabine works for Monaco as “Palace of Monaco PR consultant for German speaking countries, and Thierry in Nice as “Deputy Director of the Committee for Social Assistance, Cultural Activities and Leisure of Nice Côte d’Azur (CESAN)”

Monaco Wealth Management founder, Zsolt Szemerszky is also proud to say that Sabine and him worked together,

Official Twitter account of Christian Estrosi :

After the ceremony in the morning the newly wed couple celebrated in a private house in Laghet until late evening. It was a perfect mixture of French and German family and friends, and as guests said, that the pouring rain could not take over of the atmosphere packed with love and humanity.

Sabine Courant-Ferber and Thierry Courant / Courtesy of Sabine Courant-Ferber

A little bit about the Monaco Princes’

“The Grimaldi family has ruled this role model, zero-debt country for over 700 years, maintaining a close relationship with the 9,000 Monégasques and approximately 39,000 residents.

The Princely family maintains a close relationship with the Monégasque people and its residents. For example, people who were born and raised in the Principality refer to Prince Rainier III (Rainier Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand Grimaldi; 31 May 1923 – 6 April 2005), the father of  Prince Albert II, as the grandfather of Monaco. Some locals refer to him as “le patron” illustrating the love between the princely family and the people.” – Monaco: The Essential Relocation Guide

We feel it is lovely to share some about the story of Thierry & Sabine

How it began…

Their story starts 1986 in Nice when Sabine, on vacation at Tina’s, today her maid of honour) meets the friends of Tina. And it is in that group where Sabine also meets her charming prince…..Thierry.

Côte d’Azur – Sommer Cliche

The story began just like any other Summer love – a man from the South of France meets a German tourist and they spend a lot of time together.

Instead of ending their holiday relationship, Sabine and Thierry decided to start a long distance relationship. Thierry visited Sabine in Munich as much as possible (without Sat Nav and GPS this wasn’t easy either…). One of his visits turned out to be a very special one…First engagements in Munich.

1988 – Big French – German Love – Sabine relocates to Nice with all her belongings

After a relation with ups and downs, Thierry and Sabine broke up in 1991. Sabine moves to Monaco and Thierry continues his journey in Nice.

Thanks to a magical social media platform…Facebook…Sabine and Thierry started talking again in 2014 – followed by phone calls and text messages for weeks, until they finally met up again on the 27th September in Nice at the Place Garibaldi

Their reunion was full of emotion and memories…when they told their families and friends- all they said was “finally!” No one really seemed surprised..

The circle was completed on the 1st September 2018 with a beautiful wedding full of love…after 32 years.

Sabine Courant-Ferber and Thierry Courant / Photo: Geraldine Louis, courtesy of Sabine Courant-Ferber


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