Drunk in Charge of a Young Baby

 August 11, 2018




“Drunk in charge of, not just a vehicle, but a young baby.” – reports HelloMonaco.com

This really was what called for an exemplary verdict when the young woman was hauled before the court. Not yet in her thirties, resident in Monaco with an American background, at only six in the evening she was drunk at the wheel of her luxury SUV.

Drunk enough to crash into two vehicles and have the police rush to the scene. First a check-up in the hospital for the baby and herself. Luckily there were no victims, nor was the American lady hurt – except in the “wallet” for the 30.000 euro bill for the repairs to all the damaged cars’ bodywork.

Under questioning by the magistrate she claimed the accident happened because the baby in the cradle in the back seat had cried for attention. A good excuse had she not been under the influence of three times the legal limit of alcohol. A couple of small glasses of wine was not a story the magistrate was buying. And he reprimanded her with the caution – always stop the car before turning around to tend for your baby.

Originally published by Olga Taran at HelloMonaco.com


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