Pornographic Acts and Violence in Public

 August 10, 2018

Monaco's court
Monaco's court / Source:



“Drugs, sex, violence and a sports celebrity; certainly a powerful cocktail that was toxic to the point of leading to prison. Extreme behaviour by any standard, even allowing for an excessive bout of drinking in a bar in Monaco.” – reports

A Scandinavian sports celebrity took it into his head to have his friend film a pornographic scene outside a bar, while he ravished his willing girlfriend hardly out of her teens. Not satisfied with vulgarity alone he then started to beat her.

A lady nearby tried to intervene only to be hit by the man and summarily pushed into some bushes with a kick to the posterior.

A night in a Monaco jail for this young sportsman was light punishment and he was lucky to be released. It might have ended there had not the lady pulled herself out of the bushes, been treated in hospital and then filed a complaint with the police.

Meanwhile the next night our young sexual predator was doing the bar rounds, drunk and rowdy and ready to sparr. Better the police than another young female victim.

It turns out that the man had a penchant for fighting, including with police and barmen. But the police restrained him and at the police station a search yielded a quantity of cocaine, and a cell phone full of personal scenes of pornographic violence.

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