Beware Road Rage

 July 13, 2018




“A case of road rage outside the hotel in Monaco.” – reports

A car manoeuvring in a parking space was reversing when a scooter arrived behind him. Both the car driver and scooterist descended from their vehicles, enraged. Maybe the court would not have been involved if their anger had stopped at a few choice words, some colourful exchanges with each other. But their argument flared up and became physical with the scooterist then filing a complaint.

The accusation – that the driver had assaulted him and hit him in the chest and he had needed medical treatment

The defence from the driver – that it was the scooterist who had begun the threatening behaviour and that he was brandishing his phone menacingly as if to strike the driver’s car. So the driver’s claimed to have just pushed the scooterist away, not struck him.

The court had to figure out if it was a mild case of road rage with shared blame or whether the car driver had indeed over-reacted and hit the scooterist. Two things undermined the scooterist’s complaint – a “no-show” at court and witness statements submitted very late, indeed months after, which reduced their credibility.

The car-driver was lucky: the court decided to release him without any fine.

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